Zombies Can’t Jump

By launching the Zombie Can’t Jump game, written on the HTML5 engine, you will find yourself in one place where you absolutely would not want to be. As well as the two characters that are conceived in this game application. And it’s all about the zombies that you roam in large numbers. And of course they will try to destroy our heroes, making one attack after another. You need to help them survive, playing the game Zombies do not know how to jump. First you have to go through a little training, destroying zombies in the first three levels, following the detailed prompts. The bottom line is that the zombies do not get to the cowboy and his beautiful assistant. And for this they should be on a small elevation, so try to build the maximum number of wooden boxes on which they will stand. To do this, click on the hammer and choose the construction of a wooden box. At this moment, our character will not be able to shoot, so for this you need to choose the right time. After completing the training, you will have to rely on your own strengths, making your own decision, fire at the approaching zombies, or build another wooden box. Zombies with each attack will attack you more and more persistently and it will be very difficult to survive. Other bonuses will help you with this: for example, building an iron ball with spikes that will block the path of the approaching dead. This will help delay enemies for a short while and allow you to take a short break. Noticing a big red smiley, immediately click on it. This will infuriate your heroes and they will get machine guns from which they will simply water the enemies, destroying them one by one. You also need to monitor which side the enemies are approaching in order to concentrate the fire of their cowboys there, preventing them from reaching the heights. If they still manage to do this, then they will begin to break them, using their empty heads for this. It takes only a couple of strokes in order for the box to be destroyed. Therefore, if you are too slow, then the zombies will certainly get to you and destroy, thereby interrupting such a wonderful game Zombie Can’t Jump.

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