Trucksformers 2

You are a special intelligence agent, therefore, constant sorties into the camp of the enemy, as well as simply into the most deserted, at first glance, places of our globe, have become familiar to you for a long time. But today’s task, even for such an experienced warrior, will be both interesting and difficult at the same time, because you have to manage the latest word in technology. in front of your eyes, our eminent scientists, who are working for the benefit of civilization in a stuffy secret laboratory, presented their offspring – a jeep transformer, which with a light touch of certain buttons instantly transforms into one of the necessary modes of transport: from a boat easily controlled on the surface of the water, fast and maneuverable, to a well-equipped helicopter, so necessary when flying through the impassable jungle! You will be the first to test this amazing technical device right in the field, so be very careful, because everything can change in the blink of an eye!

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