Truck Loader 4

After the whole world switched to technical management, the life of an ordinary person was much easier, because the machines are more durable and do not know fatigue, unlike an ordinary person. Let us take a look at the inside of the life of a very hardworking forklift truck, who, with great joy, fulfills his direct duties of moving boxes and boxes to huge wagons, which will then take their valuable cargo to shops and factories so that people can continue to live in peace and enjoy your existence. Sometimes even cars may need help, and today we will try our best to ease the work of our mechanized hero a little, telling him how to load another van as quickly and as less energy as possible! Be careful, because this work requires a maximum concentration of attention, as well as a little ingenuity, in order to do everything as soon as possible and more productive!
Help the small and remote loader do its job as efficiently as possible. To go through each of the thirty levels, you must load the boxes into the trucks using the buttons you need to hit and the magnet mounted on the loader itself. Boxes must be loaded in the correct order to get more points per level.

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