Tap the Frog

We want to introduce you a rather funny and funny toy Tap the Frog. Playing it you will have a lot of fun and funny time because the essence of the game is very simple. Before you will be a certain number of funny frogs in which you need to click with the mouse and they will burst with a cool pop. The faster you do these actions, the more points you will be given. Remember that in the upper left corner the timer runs and you need to keep within it. If you succeed and you have the rest of the time, then it will go into a new round, that is, it will be added to the time that you are given to complete a new task. To complicate the process of frogs a little more, they will also appear in clothes. The more things the frog is wearing, the more clicks you will need to make on it so that it bursts. The one who scored the most points wins.
The game Tap the Frog is quite funny and has a colorful design. Players, both children and adults, will be able to spend time excitingly and brighten up their free hours with interest and benefit. We want to add on your own that you can play in Tap the Frog on our website. To do this, you do not need to go through any registration, just open it in any of your browsers.

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