Talking Tom Valentine

Your help is urgently needed! Poor Tom, a charming cat, was in big trouble, if I may call it that. The fact is that our cat is head over heels in love with the local beauty Angela, who takes pleasure in courtship. Here is just one problem, from an overabundance of tender feelings in our always talkative Tom, the speechlessness was completely lost, he just stands next to his lady of the heart and is silent! If this goes on, then Angela will simply get tired of his company and she will turn her attention to a more efficient boyfriend, which, of course, will certainly break the heart of our hero. All your knowledge of cat psychology and a little experience in cupid affairs will be required of you, so that you furtively help Tom express all his feelings, which are so requested outside, but carefully hidden under the guise of silence! Do not leave your furry friend in such a little pleasant position, give him a helping hand!

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