Talking Santa

In anticipation of Christmas, we decided to give you the most memorable gift! Remember our friend Tom Cat? He agreed to go to the cold kingdom of Lapland to persuade Santa Claus to arrive before the appointed time, and, you will not believe, the fabulous old man accepted the offer. And here he is before you! You can talk with a witty grandfather, hospitably treat him with fresh cookies and milk, which our northern hero simply adores! For this, he is ready to immediately present you with a gift, but you can never predict what might be hidden in his magic bag – maybe your present will be truly significant and memorable, who knows! Santa will also gladly introduce you to his constant assistant – the reindeer, and even easily agree that you take a picture with him! And, if you don’t like something in the behavior of our miracle old man, then you can always punish him by accurately hitting the snow directly in your face!

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