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Angry Gran in Up, Up & Away

The evil grandmother decided to diversify her travels around the world. The energetic lady managed to run half the world, visited Europe, Asia, America. The heroine is not in a hurry to Antarctica, but there is still the opportunity to rise up and conquer the heavenly peaks. In the game Angry Gran in Up, Up & Away, you will help your grandmother learn new ways of moving – jumping. While running through the city streets, she already used jumping to overcome obstacles, but this time they will be the only possible way to achieve the goal. Help the elderly traveler jump as far and high as possible by collecting coins and avoiding dangerous obstacles.

Impossible Ball Glow Twist

Today at Impossible Ball Glow Twist, we want to invite you to test your attentiveness and reaction. You have to go through a three-dimensional maze, which is located in space. It consists of various elements that just float in the air. The character with which you will play a simple ordinary ball. He must advance in these subjects and not fall into the abyss. Therefore, carefully look at the screen and use the control keys to jump from one object to another. Remember that the ball will increase the speed of its movement over time and you will need to quickly respond to the situation and perform your actions.

Dark Runner Shadow Parkour

The dark runner wants to take part in the parkour competition in the game Dark Runner Shadow Parkour, which will be held in the neighboring city and is preparing in every possible way for them. All that is needed for the competition is to learn to run well and jump high. You can train a dark hero right now. Become his trainer and send him on a sports road. Correct the character while moving, because in front of him there are many different obstacles that he needs to jump in one fell swoop. Scattered gold ducats will be a pleasant bonus, they can be collected to better replenish the bonus system.


Krigimai is one of the famous wars in one of the ninja orders. Somehow, the head of the order gave him the task to penetrate the territory of one of the castles and steal secret documents from there. We will help him with this in the game Kirigami. Our hero will have to go along a certain route on which various dangers and traps await him. You will need to plan your actions so that your hero does not fall into more than one of them. You can get around some dangerous places, others will have to jump at speed. On the way you will see scattered weapons and other objects. You will need to pick up all these items, so that later they would significantly simplify your trip.

Don’t Drop The White Ball

In the game Don’t Drop The White Ball, you will become the guardian of the white ball and its protector. The ability of the hero to get into unpleasant and sometimes fatal situations is simply phenomenal. The kid and strives to fall to the bottom, but you will not let him make such a mistake. Substitute platforms that fit your arm. This will require agility and quick reaction, and you will fully demonstrate them. Collect a record number of points, challenge your friends to a duel and fight with them when you are sure that you can win, and for now, train until you get bored.

Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma

In the game Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma, we will have exciting adventures with you along with the heroes of the series Heirs. At the beginning of the game you will choose the character for which you will play. Then you will find yourself on a pirate ship. You will need to run along his deck collecting various objects. Look carefully at the screen. Run and jump, try to collect all the objects and do not fall into traps. Opponents may arise in your way that can hit you with a sword or shoot your hero with a bow. You need to deftly dodge blows and use your sword to kill enemies. Look carefully at the standard of living and make up for it in time.