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iPlayer: Skyrama

Here is a new online game in which you can build your airline and airport. First, select the country where it will be located and the location near some of the cities. Buy resources, build buildings, runways. Recruit qualified staff. Gradually, when you start earning, expand. Improve the existing facility and begin new construction. Become the richest airline owner.

iPlayer: Super Snake io

Game Super Snake io (Snake): in pursuit of profit
The multiplayer browser-based game Super Snake io is another gambling, addictive survival game from io. It is an improved version of the Snake, and if you have already played it, you can appreciate the efforts of the developers in the updated version.
It’s worth starting to play Super Snake io, and no longer break away from the rapid movement, chasing magical colorful particles that give life and unique abilities. Following them all over the field, from a miniature snake you have to grow a huge python or a deadly mamba. The gameplay is based on the following:
• Guide the pet with the mouse to a safe area
• Hunt for food
• Rather grow up and start hunting for other participants
• Get special skills < Br /> • Avoid dangerous objects and encounters with big snakes
Features and rules of the game
Any game has a logical conclusion, but you can play the game Super Snake io endlessly. Your goal is to survive in an aggressive environment and become an inimitable horror predator yourself. While you are too small, you have to be content with grains scattered around, trying not to get on a tooth to individuals larger than you.
The grains you eat have a different color, and also endow the abilities:
• Greens emit a luminous aura that is transmitted to you if you swallow them. This scares off the enemies, but the effect lasts only a few seconds.
• Red grains do not give any abilities, but only serve as food that helps to grow.
• Gold grains will make any snake a super snake, however, only for a short time .
• Violet endow with a unique force that allows you to effectively attack opponents.
• Blue grains give acceleration.
Different foods become available gradually. Absorbing it, try to decide which strength you like more, as this will affect subsequent growth and reincarnation. Although the force presented by the feed lasts only seconds, it is scattered quite densely around the site, and you can always get a new portion. However, there is a real snake invasion around, and rivals can grab prey faster, so try to be agile and quick.
By the way, players will first have to register in Super Snake io, then enter the area under their name and continue to develop the snake. < br /> Beware of barriers and predators
By launching the iPlayer Super Snake io, you are embroiled in a dangerous situation. There are many around you

iPlayer: Clash of Olympus

Game Battle of the Gods: uprising on Olympus
If you are fascinated by ancient legends about the titans, Olympic gods and chimeras, you will like the turn-based browser-based strategy game Battle of the Gods. It has a fascinating background.
On Mount Olympus, since the creation of the world, the Supreme God ruled. Over time, he had many children, but this can not be called a happy family, because the Creator has always had a cool disposition, and over the past few hundred years he has turned into a real tyrant. His children were tired of tyranny, and decided to organize an uprising in order to overthrow the formidable overlord.
Starting to play the Battle of the Gods, you turn into one of the descendants of the Creator of the Universe. This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the legendary Prometheus, and even save him; face off with Zeus himself; accept the friendship of Chaos; see Atlantis in person; Explore other corners of the kingdom of heaven and descend into the darkest dungeons.
There will always be a place for a feat, because you will meet with mythical creatures:
• Awesome titans
• Tricky echidna
• Majestic centaurs
• Ruthless demons
• Relentless Minotaurs
• Enraged Scyls
• Horrible Cyclops
Standing before a choice
In any game you are given a choice, and often, this is the image in which you will perform your actions. The game Battle of the Gods is also to be, having passed this stage. Since there are only three classes available, you will probably be able to do this quickly.
• The knight has all the qualities that help him endure any test, and come out with victory – honesty and mercy, endurance and justice, honor and selflessness.
• Magician-a favorite child of the Creator. An extraordinary power is hidden in it, capable of crushing and restoring. It may seem that magicians have wandered in their basements to learn spells, but they can withstand physical influence for some time.
• Archers here are elves who are beautiful in appearance but possess deadly arrows. They direct them aptly and ruthlessly towards the enemy.
These talents are unchanged, but during the accumulation of experience, you can give heroes additional abilities, and even increase their level. However, only one of the acquired talents can be involved in a duel.
Still need helpers. They live in the Temple of the Gods, and you are allowed to look in there to recruit five who you like. Selected assistants should be developed to bring maximum gender.

iPlayer: Generals of War

Have you ever thought about how to actually plunge into the times of the wars that once took place on our planet? If this has ever interested you in anything, we can provide you with such a unique opportunity. The game Generals of War will help you to feel like a real general. Officer Kang will be sent to your disposal, whom the government has sent as an assistant so that you can deal with your position and its duties in a short time. To begin with, you will need to deal with the construction of the General Staff, thanks to which you can manage your troops. To ensure that the gameplay does not cause you any difficulties, on the right side of the screen you will find a special information panel in which you will see information about your account, awards and all available missions. If you try to cancel the task that you have already started, you will lose some of the resources that you have already spent on it, so always think carefully before you begin to complete any of the missions. Resource reserves will be replenished depending on the respective buildings every 10 minutes, so watch for a small bar on top. In order to recruit troops, build buildings and do research, you will need to receive capital that you can regularly if you first build three factories, and then a residential building. To make the first attack, earn at least 67% of the rating from its number for the intended target, the nickname of which will be white.

iPlayer Nords: Heroes of the North

A town like Nordheim, in which the legendary warriors of the north live, was often attacked by the undead, whose goal was the most dexterous and powerful warriors. In order to destroy their plans, and you were born. Björn the Almighty is ready to share his wisdom with you so that you can become a legendary hero and help him in a key battle with evil in order to protect your own city and become famous. But if you would like to become a warrior of a different race, this will not become a problematic question – at the beginning of the game you will be given a scroll of change of appearance. There are also elven heroes who possess such power that they can cruelly punish everyone, and orcs are the heirs of the khans who can prove their right to power and become the greatest leaders thanks to their knowledge and power. After choosing a character, do not forget to build a brewery to fill the barrels of ale, because it is precisely on its reserves that the number of troops will depend, the Mushroom Garden, since mushrooms are the main resource for the attacking troops, the Fisherman’s Cabin, which will help to prepare the defensive troops in the future, because on empty stomach war will definitely not happen in the best way, a warehouse where you can store mushrooms, fish and Magic, because it is from these resources that the development of your own city and the training of the army depend. After all the buildings, conclude a Blackrock agreement – with it you can train your troops and build new buildings, which in the future will greatly benefit and influence Nordheim. Just give the order to the sages – and they will begin negotiations.

iPlayer: Goalunited

If you love to play football and generally practice it on a professional level, then a special football manager will be a very useful find for you. Thanks to using it, you can create your own club in one moment, which will obey exclusively the rules that you establish, and even for free. In order for your team to become the best, you will need to manage training, placement, transfers and much more. You will have hundreds of thousands of rivals around the world, which will not allow you to stand …