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Angelic Charm Princess

Today, Princess Anna goes to the neighboring kingdom for a masquerade ball dedicated to divine powers. You in the game Angelic Charm Princess will have to help her get ready for this event. First of all, you will go into her bedroom and there you will find yourself near her dressing table. On it will be seen a lot of cosmetics. With their help, you can put makeup on the girl’s face, and then do her hair. After that, go to her bedroom and select one from the list of dresses. Under it, pick up shoes and jewelry.

Unicorn Hairstyles

In a small town, a new Unicorn Hairstyles hairdresser has opened in which the best masters of the state work. You will be one of them and today you will need to do many hairstyles for the holiday of the Unicorn. Having set the girl in a chair, you will first have to wash her hair and then dry it with a hairdryer. After that, picking up a comb and scissors you will make a haircut for the girl. Now dye her certain strands of hair in various colors. When you are done, following the instructions on the screen, you can make hair styling.

Princess Incredible Spring Neon Hairstyles

In one of the major megacities of America, a hairdressing contest will be held. Professionals from all over the world came to him. You in Princess Incredible Spring Neon Hairstyles will need to help a group of young girls win this contest. To do this, you will need to develop an interesting hairstyle. A girl will be visible on screen. With the help of tools, you first make her an interesting haircut. Then, picking up a comb and various jewelry, you will need to make a hairstyle on the head of your character.

Bella Pony Hairstyle

A young girl Bonnie opened a beauty salon in her city and a school for hairdressers at his place. Today she will conduct her first lesson and you will help her in the game Bella Pony Hairstyle. You will see a girl around whom the hairdresser’s tools will be. You will need to create a unique image for her. There is some help in the game for this. You will need to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen in the form of a green arrow. She will tell you which tool to take and in what sequence they need to be used to make the girl an original haircut.

Elsa Warm Season vs Cold Season

Launching the game Elsa Warm Season vs Cold Season, you will see Princess Elsa from the Kingdom of Arendel, which was revealed to us in the cartoon Frozen. And like all princesses, Elsa is a real fashionista, only she can’t understand what season she loves the most. Let’s help her decide on this, and for this it will be necessary to choose outfits for the warm and cold seasons. You should start in the summer, for which in the game Elsa Warm Season vs Cold Season you will be given a large selection of hairstyles, skirts, t-shirts. Dress them on the girl until you have the opportunity to start creating a new image, this time for the cold season. And this time in the game of Princess Elsa: Warm and cold season, you will be given a large selection of a variety of things from which you can make a beautiful and stylish image. And in conclusion, you will be given the opportunity to make an image for our princess, which will include things from two collections. I hope you have enough sense of style to combine these opposite things so that our princess is satisfied with the result? As a result, you can see Princess Elsa in three outfits and I hope she finally decides on her favorite time of the year.

Moana New in Disney Town

I think many people are familiar with Princess Moana, with whom a colorful cartoon recently appeared, telling about the various adventures of our heroine. And today she accidentally found out about the city of Disney, where of course she immediately wanted to go. But before going on the road, she needs to carry out the necessary fees and you will need to help her with this. We will do this in the game Moana New in Disney Town. The very first task for you will be to find the necklace that our princess lost somewhere in her room. A terrible mess reigns there, and so you have to push aside every thing before you can find this valuable thing for our Moana. And of course, there is another task for you in the game Moana New in Disney Town and I think it will be more pleasant for you, because it will be the process of dressing our princess in stylish and fashionable clothes, without which you can not appear on the streets of Disney. Everything should begin with a hairstyle, choosing the appropriate form of styling, which will go most to the face of our girl. After that, go to the selection of a topic and skirt, having reviewed all the available options for this. When all the things are selected, you can remove all the objects that are no longer needed and admire Moana, who immediately transferred to the main square of Disney and is now preparing to go to study it.