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Winx Club Magix Mayhem

The villains Brafilius and Kalshara completely lost their conscience in an attempt to annoy the little fairies of the Winx. They committed a flagrant crime – they stole small pets and companions of the fairies – their animals. This angered even such kind and disinterested fairies, they are determined to deal with opponents. You in the game Winx Club Magix Mayhem have to choose a heroine who will go to the intersection and meet with enemies. So far, only Bloom is available, but with successful attacks and the destruction of monsters, you will unlock access to Roxy and Winx.

Musa Season 5 Outfits

The beautiful glamorous Muse Winx is going to a party and wants to choose the best outfit, but there are so many dresses, skirts, stylish blouses and t-shirts, shoes and accessories in her wardrobe that a girl can spend half a day near the closet and be late for the event. Help the beauty find the right things and not get tired of trying on a dozen dresses. Act with the mouse.

Winx Girl: Magic Accident

Bloom is a charming fairy Winx, who owns very powerful magic, but today she was not lucky, she overestimated her strength and received very serious injuries. After the spell, she was thrown into the thorny bushes, where she received a lot of abrasions, bruises and scratches. Immediately give her first aid, heal her wings, remove the thorns, cover up the wounds, and then dress her in newer clothes, change the image of her hair. At the end, you can use accessories and jewelry.

Winx Ready To Party

Flora Winx is getting ready for a party to which Stella’s closest girlfriend invited her. The party will be attended by all the bright representatives of the School of Magic and the School of Cloud Tower. To shine at a party like a guiding light, Flora needs to look her best. Try out your Winx: Party Preparation heroine to make a real star. Choose her fashionable clothes, apply stylish make-up on her face and do not forget to complement her brilliant image with jewelry with diamond stones….

Flora Hair Spa and Facial

Flora liked Leila’s reincarnation so much that she herself thought about the total reincarnation of her appearance. Rather, take by hand the main character of the Winx Club game: Flora – Face Care and lead to the salon. Initially, cleanse Flora’s facial skin from old makeup and only after that proceed to skin cleansing and massage procedures. Beautiful makeup at the end of the manipulations will decorate her tender young face very much, you just have not to go too far with cosmetics that must be…

Layla Hair Spa and Facial

Leyla Winx is preparing to start her studies at the School of Magic and she needs to come to the first lesson in all its glory. Go together with the main character of the Winx Club game: Leila – Face Care in a beauty salon to get a good boost of magnificence energy. What you need to do to make your heroine look like a beauty queen is to take care of her face and delicate skin. Apply anti-aging treatments that will not only relieve fatigue from the face, but also add freshness to her tone of marb…