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Musa Season 5 Outfits

The beautiful glamorous Muse Winx is going to a party and wants to choose the best outfit, but there are so many dresses, skirts, stylish blouses and t-shirts, shoes and accessories in her wardrobe that a girl can spend half a day near the closet and be late for the event. Help the beauty find the right things and not get tired of trying on a dozen dresses. Act with the mouse.

Stella Girl Puzzle

You have the opportunity to see the image of a very beautiful fairy, and make her one wish, which will certainly come true. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, in order to obtain a complete image, it must be composed of many particles. Take your time and enjoy the game!…

Stella Princess Fashion

The fairy has the first ball. Help her pack up on him. Maybe she will meet her love there, like Cinderella. Put on a ball gown, shoes, gloves. Do not forget about earrings and chain. But the most important thing is the wings! What are they beautiful, brilliant. All the little fairy is collected and can go for fun, at which it will be more beautiful than everyone, because you collected it….

Bloom Spring Dressup

Are you interested in what is fashionable to wear this spring? If you do not have time, then it’s okay, because in this game you can see what colors and what clothes are now in fashion. Bloom is a famous fairy who loves to change clothes three times a day. But today her fantasy has come to an end, and she is in a quandary. Help her with the choice of outfit….

Stella Teen Fashion

Stella is going for a walk with her friends. And she needs a stylish outfit. The girl had already rummaged through the entire wardrobe, but could not decide what she wanted. Help Stella with the choice of outfit. What will he be like? Everyday, sporty or glamorous? At your disposal are many different clothes: from a dress to trousers and blouses, as well as stylish shoes and fashion accessories that will add a twist to the look….

Stella Summer Fashion

The most avid fashionistas simply adore summer. How can you not love him when you have the opportunity to be beautifully dressed at the same time, but with a minimum amount of clothing. After all, it is in the summer that we want to impress and conquer all around. Is not it? You can not answer, because we all already know the answer. This game will immerse you in this warm and very sunny summer….