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This game needs to be played together, therefore. that there is a competition between the blue and green ball: who will collect the most large old gold coins. They will appear one at a time in different places, whoever can reach them first will receive 10 points. If a red ball gets in the way, go around it, otherwise it will take ten points from you.

Wild Mirror

We have an unusual mirror, which, reflecting objects, is able to distort everything a bit. It is worth sorting out and finding the cause of this flaw. Compare two images and find the slightest inaccuracies. This will bring you closer to the solution, as well as train your mindfulness. Just look closely and click on the differences.

Monster Pizza Halloween Pizza

Today at the Monster School the last bell and Claudia invited the girls to her light. She decided to treat them with her signature pizza, the recipe for which she got from her mother. Her recipe will give you great ideas! Just a few quick steps, and she will be ready, this delicious pizza for monsters to impress everyone around! Enjoy this game and have a nice day with the girls from the Monster School.

2 Players Speed Reaction

Burning pillars await you in the game 2 Players Speed ​​Reaction and this will be a serious test of your ability to quickly respond to circumstances. You need to play together and the one who extinguishes the fire will win. To do this, you must alternately press the AD keys or the left / right arrows. Whoever does this faster will be the winner. Everything is very simple and clear, no troubles and additional conditions, you will quickly find out the winner, which is very pleasing in this case. In addition, a reaction test will be useful to you.

Coin Machine

Having your own machine that prints money is a good prospect, but it is at least illegal, because only the state has the right to issue banknotes both in coins and in banknotes. But the game world does not obey the usual laws and you can feel almighty and very rich right now in our Coin Machine game. Coins have already begun to appear on the pallet, you can speed up the process by clicking on the screen and forcing the mechanism to eject fresh gold coins. Collect points and increase your income.


If you are bored of playing alone, visit us at Hitormiss.io. Everything is extremely simple and clear here. You are given an opponent from a large army of those who currently also want to play. The task is to quickly click on the appearing circles and gain points. In the upper right corner you will see percentages – this is an indicator of the accuracy of your clicks. A cross is a sight. On the left are the players who are trying to overtake you on points, you will always see your progress and be able to improve it. Try to be accurate and fast and no one will catch you.