Tag: Willie Machine

Whack Zombies

As soon as it begins to get dark, zombies crawl out of their shelters and start to scare the locals. You can stop this craziness and end the zombies once and for all. The main thing is to accurately hit each of them with a wooden hammer. Use a computer mouse to hold the gun and hit it as soon as you see evil….

Crazy dave vs Zombies

The zombie invasion, and the only person who is ready to fight back is crazy Dave, he effortlessly copes with monsters. Despite the fact that Dave looks a little stupid with his bowler hat on his head, the wrestler came out of him excellent, see for yourself….

Zombies Offensive

Your farm is attacked by zombies, it’s good that you managed to bring out new varieties of plants: watermelons of snipers and pumpkins of miners that can protect the beds. The correct distribution of available funds for the purchase of shooting plants depends on you, but do not forget about sunflowers, they produce suns for which you can buy fresh plant shooters. Arrange the army with the mouse.

Elder Bear VS Zombies

Today you will find an incredibly dynamic and at the same time exciting duel between a bear and a zombie. No matter how funny it sounds, but it is quite real. After the explosion of a chemical station, which is located near this forest, very strange zombie creatures curled here. Who wander around the forest all the time in search of something tasty. This bothered the locals and they decided to set…