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Strike Force Heroes 2 with cheats

A special detachment was created against a group of terrorists, which should destroy them. Take under your command the five best fighters that you can create yourself, as well as distribute the characteristics and classes between them. A special game store will provide you not only with weapons and armor, but also with various espionage devices that will help you survive in difficult battles. The campaign of the game Strike Force Heroes 2 with cheats continues the logical conclusion of the first part, but if you use the cheats, the game will be transformed and the game will become much more interesting. For example, to get money and use all the services of the store and get endless lives, press – 7, for unlimited ammunition – 8, and for high-speed shooting – 9.

Strike Force Heroes with cheats

Heroes are again sent on a special mission to destroy their enemies using the most modern weapons for this. In the game Strike Force Heroes with cheats, you can develop your character. Development will give the player new abilities, skills and characteristics. When creating a character, take into account all the smallest details that will affect his accuracy, dexterity and strength, as well as the character’s class. There are several classes here: a medic, a sniper, a tank, and of course a shooter. By choosing one of them, you can start going through a company that will capture you with its storyline, and to make it easier to play, you can use codes that can make you immune to small arms and cold weapons if you use the I button, which will also give you endless ammo and quick fire .

Strike Force Heroes 3 with cheats

In the game Strike Force Heroes 3 with cheats you will confront the terrorist organizations that are located around the world. First of all, you need to choose a hero and a squad that go to fulfill their first mission. All enemy forces will be thrown against you, so be prepared. Use the entire arsenal of weapons that you have. To facilitate the game in this version there are cheat codes that are activated by various buttons. For example, if you want to turn on the invulnerability of soldiers, use the 7 button, endless ammo – 8, to switch fast fire – 9, and also to buy the necessary ammunition, you can crush a little money using the 0 key.

Strike Force Heroes 1

Chaos descended to the earth, the whole world plunged into darkness from the omnipresent fires, dust rose pillar to heaven, scorching the sinful earth – these were the consequences of the bloody and brutal war that reigned everywhere! A small handful of terrorists very quickly recruited into their ranks the numerous thoughtless army of the […]