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Mario vs Sonic Skiing

As he came to relax in a mountain resort, Mario met his friend Sonic. They were delighted to meet and decided to have fun together. To begin with, our heroes decided to arrange a friendly competition and drive on snowboards. We will take part in their competition in the game Mario vs Sonic Skiing. At the beginning of the game, we will choose the character we will play for. Then we will be transported onto the track to the mountains. At the signal, we will roll on the board in the snow. Gradually, our speed will increase. Remember, we need to overtake our opponent and come to the finish line first. On the road, various obstacles await us, which we will jump over or go around. Also collect items that will be located on your way.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic, along with his friend Hedgehog, went to explore one valley lost in the mountains. Having penetrated into it, your heroes saw two paths along which they would need to go divided. You at Sonic The Hedgehog 2 will need to help them with this. The screen will show the playing field divided into two parts. In each of them will be visible a character who runs along the road. On the way of each of them various obstacles will come across. You will have to click on the screen with the mouse and make them both jump over all obstacles and traps.

Sonic Revert

In Sonic Revert, you and Sonic will return to the town where he grew up with his friends. Today, it will be held competitions on racing cars, and our character wants to take part in them. You will need to help your hero choose a car from the provided models. Remember that each of them has its own technical and speed characteristics. After that, you will bring her to the starting line and will rush along the road at the signal. You will need to overtake all your rivals and come to the finish line first.


Sonic enters the big arena in the game Sonic.io. You will see not one blue hedgehog, but a huge amount. They will be controlled by players from all over the world, and you will find yourself among them and also in the form of Sonic. The task is traditional – a set of points. This is done by quickly moving and collecting gold rings. Your Sonic will run fast, ahead of everyone in collecting rings, but there are dangerous traps on the field. If you see a triangular sign appearing, be aware that this is a warning that a mine will appear there soon. Try to avoid this place, otherwise the hero will explode and the game will end.

Sonic Mario Bros

Sony’s jet hedgehog is invited to Mario’s birthday party. He brings with him an original gift that he will present to the birthday man in this case. Sonic flies without taking his legs apart, from time to time getting his fast spinning spiky body and did not even notice how he lost his present! Now, in the location of Sonic Mario Bros, the poor fellow will again have to earn gold ducats in order to purchase a gift for a fun plumber in a gift shop. You can help him cope with the task in the shortest time. Fly forward, look around carefully. Avoid monsters and collect coins.

Metal Sonic Rebooted

Super Sonic traveling through the galaxy fell into the technogenic world. There he met with scientists who were able to create for him a super suit with a lot of specific properties. But, as elsewhere on this planet, crime existed and our hero was asked to help in the fight against bandits. We will help him with this in the game Metal Sonic Rebooted. Before us on the screen we will see a plant where our hero needs to penetrate. He will run along his corridors. Obstacles and traps will be visible on the way. Some of them you can jump, others you have to fly using a jetpack. You can destroy oncoming bandits from weapons. Collect gold coins along the way. They will give you extra bonuses.