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Elite Marines Online

Marines, despite their belonging to the sea, will fight on land, and in the driest places on the planet – in the desert. It was there that Elite Marines Online discovered an extensive base where you will meet rivals from around the world. You can fight as part of a team that you choose yourself, or roam alone, destroying everyone who holds weapons in their hands. In addition, there is a bomb mission in which you must undermine enemy objects. Not only the desert will become a battlefield, you are free to create your own location, which you will know by heart and have an advantage over the enemy.

Breach of Contract Online

In the virtual space here and there, periodically, military operations or just minor showdowns take place. Fans of shooting will always find a dangerous place where you can take a chance and get your portion of adrenaline. Breach of Contract Online provides a variety of options. You can choose the single-player mode and fight the crowds of mutated zombies. If you want to become a member of the team, go online and start hunting for monsters in the group. The game has its own shooting range, where you demonstrate your skills in target shooting and write your name on the leaderboard.

Armed Forces vs Gangs 2

Everything is clear and understandable in the war: the enemy is on the other side and must be destroyed. It is more difficult when peaceful life is undermined from the inside and various gang groups do it. In appearance – these are ordinary people, but they live according to their thieves’ laws, not obeying the generally accepted laws of society. They disrupt order and even kill innocent people, which is completely unacceptable. Recently, gangs have unbelted to such an extent that the authorities brought an army into the street. You are in Armed Forces vs Gangs 2 as part of the units that are supposed to cover and clean up the den of criminals. A tough confrontation awaits you, the enemy is insidious and dangerous, moving along desert corridors and passages, be on the alert, the enemy may appear unexpectedly and will not be alone.

Crazy Pixel Apocalypse

Take a look at the blocky world of Minecraft, here in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In appearance, everything seems calm and peaceful, but after a little walk, you will find out what is really going on. Before in the game Crazy Pixel Apocalypse you need to choose which side you will fight: zambi or people. Then select the location from the existing ones or create your own with your own rules. Arm the character, even a zombie will not roam empty-handed. Gone are the days when monsters wielded only teeth and claws, their opponents are too serious. You can join the team, but if you are used to relying only on yourself, act alone.

Stickman Shoot

A zombie epidemic has entered the world of stickmen. Peaceful stick men turned into evil voracious monsters, mutants appeared who could fly. Few were lucky enough to survive, the uninfected formed camps and put up security. Help the stickman in the game Stickman Shoot, he must withstand the unprecedented onslaught of his mutated brothers. His task is not to miss the attackers for the blue flag. The hero is armed with powerful automatic weapons, but it will become more effective if the character does not miss the falling boxes. In them a variety of ammunition is dropped from the air. Use special mines, they appear in the upper right corner.

Bomb Defender

A warring army in space requires constant reinforcements and your ship was sent to escort six powerful bombs in the Bomb Defender game. They will change the course of the battle, and help your army defeat. The enemy will try to intercept the convoy and destroy the bombs. If you lose four ammunition, the mission will fail. Protect the cargo by maneuvering in a horizontal plane and firing from an enemy who is flying towards the packs. A lot of tests await the pilot, the enemy will throw all his strength into interception. You can choose any of the three difficulty levels, but everyone will require maximum concentration and will keep you energized.