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Horse Ride Racing 3D

Tom works as a jockey and participates daily in various competitions held at the hippodrome. And today in the Horse Ride Racing 3D game, he and his horse will participate in sports in obstacle racing. Well, we will help him with this. We will ride on a horse together with the opponents on the starting line. At the signal, you will gallop on your horse along the highway. Barriers will be installed on it, which you will need to jump on horseback. The one who comes to the finish line wins the race.

Horse Family Animal Simulator 3d

In the new Horse Family Animal Simulator 3d game, you will get acquainted with the horse family and will help dad the horse take care of his loved ones. Waking up in the morning, your character will have to bring his loved ones to a special pasture, so that they would pinch the grass there. While the horses will graze, you can run around various territories and collect tasks from people and animals. Thus, you can complete these quests and get certain items for them. If you encounter any predatory animals you can destroy them with your hooves.

Spirit Wwild Und Frei: Musik Galopp

The little girl, together with her friend, the stallion Spirit, decided to take part in the annual races held in the town where she lives. You are in the game Spirit Wwild Und Frei: Musik Galopp will help her defeat them. You will see her seated astride a horse. The signal will start the race. A horse picking up speed rushes forward. Various obstacles will come across his path and when you click on the screen you will have to make him jump over them. Also on the road will be located special areas through which your character will have to run.

Cute Little Horse Jigsaw

Small horses are always tender, children and adults adore them. In our game Cute Little Horse Jigsaw, you can see and meet different representatives from the world of horses. But they will all be very cute and pretty. You will get the first picture of the puzzle for free, assemble it by setting the fragments in place. When you collect a thousand coins, the keys to a new puzzle will appear. The more difficult the task, the higher the reward for it. But it’s better to start simple and work out, you will surely succeed. There are ten funny pictures in total.

Spirit Riding Free

The adventures of a brave mustang nicknamed Spirit continue in the new animated film Spirit Riding Free. But there he is accompanied by the constant companion of Lucky, and in our history you will help Spirit. He is trying to escape from the owner of the cowboy, who caught him by cunning and wants to tame it. The hero seized the moment and broke free. To return to the prairies and lead his former free life, he must ride through the entire town of Miradero. These are not spacious prairies, but continuous barriers and traps. Help the hero respond quickly to them by deftly jumping.

Horse Riding Simulator

In the game Horse Riding Simulator, you and I will go to the days of the Wild West and get acquainted with the brave cowboy Tom. Our hero travels along the prairie and searches for the ancient temple and settlement of the Indians. In his adventures, he quite often has to deal with otherworldly forces. Indeed, quite often treasures guard curses. Having sat in the saddle of your faithful horse you will hit the road. On the map you will see the point where you will need to get. But the trouble will be constantly attacked by various zombies and other monsters. You can destroy them without getting off your horse. You will need to chop their saber, shoot with a pistol or gun, throw a tomahawk. In general, to do everything so that they could not get closer to you and steal from the horse. After all, if this happens they will kill your hero.