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Color Tower

Construction is a noble cause, but in the virtual world it is often fraught with difficulties that players must overcome. In the game Color Tower, you have to build the highest tower in the entire space. Multi-colored jelly blocks will serve as building material. Drop them on each other, trying to do it as accurately as possible. The jelly base does not involve much gluing, so a slight shift does not threaten the collapse of the building, but you should not abuse it. Try to set maximum blocks, it depends on your dexterity.

Ruine Tower

In the zone of visibility from the tower of the fortress wall an incomprehensible structure arose, similar to the tower. The king became worried and wanted to know more about her. It is important that the construction that has arisen does not become a source of threat to its subjects. The best knight was sent to scout, and you will help him in the game Ruine Tower. Upon arrival at the place, the hero discovered a tall tower, the top of which is hiding in the clouds. You need to find out what is hiding at the very top and the knight began the destruction of the building from below, breaking wooden blocks. It was not easy, the tower prepared unpleasant surprises in the form of sharp spikes. Move the character left and right to avoid encounters with danger. Collect bonuses and coins, on them in the store you can buy improvements.

Monsters Boom!

Monsters fill the field, and you have only two real opportunities to destroy them. Game Monsters Boom! – This is a real battle with monsters, where it is not force that is used, but your mind, logical thinking and the ability to plan ahead, calculating their consequences. The weakest creatures are purple, the rest must be turned into weakened, then to destroy. Find the key elements on the field, from the destruction of which there will be a chain reaction that destroys everyone. Remember that spray from the explosion of creatures kill standing nearby. You will find an exciting and colorful puzzle with many levels and the ability to play on any device.

Smiley Cubes

Emoticons are not only yellow and round, the well-known Emoji have already proved this to you. In the game Smiley Cubes you will get acquainted with cubic jelly smiles. They have their own world where they lived happily and happily until recently. Recently it was discovered that in their colorful world there was too little space. It’s time to clear the area a little and distribute its inhabitants to other places. At the top of the screen you will see the tasks. They usually consist in finding and removing blocks of a certain color. For this, special conditions are set: restriction of moves, time, and so on. Delete groups of three or more identical cubes, actively use bonuses that appear on the field and those that can be purchased in the store.

Captain Underpants Memory Mania

Captain Podshtannik after his next adventures and exploits decided to spend the evening with friends. In order to somehow pass the time, they decided to play some games. We will join them in this fun in the game Captain Underpants Memory Mania. You and I will need to look for pictures that depict the same character. To do this, we will open two cards in one move. As soon as you do this, remember what is depicted on them. As soon as you find two identical pictures, open them simultaneously. This way you will earn points.

Disney College Halloween Ball

In the famous college where all Disney characters study, tomorrow will be Halloween Day. We at Disney College Halloween Ball will help the party character team prepare college rooms for this. You will see a special panel on which icons will be displayed that change various decor options. With it, you can change everything – from curtains, furniture and flooring. Thus, you will decorate all rooms.