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Grow Castle

A certain nobleman decided to build a house for himself and not just a house or a mansion, but a huge castle. He has enough money to afford a whole palace, no worse than the king. Medieval laws dictate their conditions: the castle must be impregnable for the enemy, with towers and at least a small army. Given these parameters, start construction by clicking on the pictures on the left and right. The level of appearing buildings depends on the sequence of clicks, and you need to achieve the maximum in the game Grow Castle. After all, the aristocrat wants only the best for himself.

Bubbles Grand Adventure

The little fish ended up in an air bubble and magically moved to land. Since she was curious about what was happening outside the ocean, she embarked on a fabulous journey through ancient lands. In the course of the game, she will meet huge beautiful castles, many forests and fields, where there are a lot of different objects that can be collected. For them you can get a variety of skills by spending the collected coins on it. The further you advance, the more skills and abilities you will discover in your fish. After all the research, you need to find the path that will lead her back to the ocean in the game Bubbles Grand Adventure.

Card castle

In a large forest stands a lonely castle that no one has ever visited before. You get it absolutely without any protection from external enemies. These enemies will be terrifying ghosts who want to settle in the castle. Your task is to provide an impenetrable defense of the castle. To do this, you have a small amount of resources that will be replenished with the destruction of any enemies. Build defensive towers, they will help in the initial stages of development. With each new wave, the enemy will intensify and send new forces against you. Accumulate resources and upgrade your weapons so that ghosts do not enslave your mighty castle in Card castle.

Legend of Dad: Quest for Milk

Joshua lost his parents when he was only a few years old, so he used to live independently and rely only on his own strength. In Legend of Dad: Quest for Milk you have to become his guiding star and in every possible way to help him in his dangerous affairs. The boy went to the underground castle in order to find his sister, who was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer and was sent to a stone palace. In order to move freely from one dark room to another, it is necessary to look for golden keys with which you can unlock any doors. Collect bottles of cow’s milk along the way, they will come in handy for Joe to feed his sister.

Castle Archer

The famous warrior and the legendary archer decided to retire. He returned to his ancestral castle and settled in it to live quietly and enjoy peace. But his dreams of a peaceful life were not destined to come true. Soon the castle was attacked by robbers from a nearby forest. They periodically raid and rob villages. No one has yet dared to resist them. The hero was not accustomed to retreat, he took a position on the tower, picked up a faithful bow, and the supply of arrows from the brave defender is inexhaustible. Help the archer in Castle Archer protect the property, after the bandits, the knights will storm the castle, and this is a serious opponent.

Lil king

A king named Lil does not hide behind the backs of his warriors, he goes into battle in the forefront, setting an example to the people. Such a hero wants to help at Lil king and you can do it. The flowering kingdom is often attacked by envious neighbors and today you have to repel the next attacks of evil barbarians. They climb the ramparts, exposing long stairs. The king must run up to the next ladder and knock it down together with the enemy. This will save the ruler from the prospect of fighting on the wall and endanger himself. The enemy army is increasing in number, you need to act quickly and deftly.