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Vikings Aggression

You are in the distant future, and wars have not abated, although many new technologies have appeared. Special forces can now move in space and time, instantly appearing in the right places and inflicting crushing blows to the enemy or freeing prisoners. But today the car crashed and you were accidentally sent in 1060 BC in the Middle Ages. You ended up alone in front of the castle, dressed in the prehistoric armor of a knight with a heavy shield and sword at the ready. This is what you will have to fight with the very aggressive-minded Vikings guarding the castle in Vikings Aggression. They will not find out where you came from, but immediately try to kill.

Ghostly Castle escape

Castles where ghosts settled are not uncommon. Spirits adore old stone buildings, probably in them they feel safe. Ghosts are lost souls, they cannot stay in the living world, but sometimes they cannot leave without fulfilling their mission. Our hero in the game Ghostly Castle escape is a knight. He went to an abandoned castle to fulfill the command of the king. He needs to find an ancient artifact that is protected by ghosts. The character was building to go into the castle, as ghosts immediately began to plot and, for a start, locked the door tightly. Help the hero get out, he is no longer up to the desired object, if only he could be whole.

Castle Pong

Arriving in the village, you understand that there are no entertainments other than relaxing on the banks of the river and cycling in the district, so you need to come up with something interesting. Do not bother yourself, open the game Castle Pong and you will forget about everything in the world. At your disposal is an old crossbow, shooting arrows with sharp tips. Before fighting an opponent, pick up a polearm and practice on the wall of an ancient castle located on the edge of a pond. In order for you to indicate your successes or failures, determine for yourself that color with which your character will stand out and begin preparation.

Criptown’s Castle

Visiting without an invitation is sometimes deadly. This happened to our hero in the game Criptown’s Castle. He turned out to be extremely curious and secretly entered the castle of the sorcerer Cryptown. He really wanted to know what was hidden behind the strong bars. Miraculously, the hero managed to get into the castle, and there he realized that he was trapped. He was specially missed so as not to be released anymore. Help the poor man get out, he will have to open a lot of colorful doors, avoid meetings with the servants of the magician, and they are very evil. Each door has its own key in color. Find them and open to move on.

Nella the princess knight Castle creator

Princess Nella not only knows how to deftly handle the sword, she also has the ability to magic, which she uses for the benefit of the inhabitants of her own kingdom. The heroine walks around the earth every day, finding out the problems and immediately solves them. Today she found out that some residents lack housing and the girl decided to build a large castle that can accommodate all comers and guests who come to it. You will help the newly minted builder to choose all the necessary elements correctly. They should be in style and fit into the overall architectural ensemble in Nella the princess knight Castle creator.

Friendly Neighbors

The two kingdoms can not divide the disputed territory in any way and decided to measure their strength. Each has special troops that you will lead. The game can be played together to give more drive for the players. To hire troops you need gold, which is mined over time, so try to spend it wisely. By sending troops into battle, you can watch them fight for their king. When they reach the castle, they will begin to damage it, as soon as the life scale drops to zero, consider that you defeated your opponent. Demonstrate your skills as a strategist and you will be able to win without losses in the game Friendly Neighbors.