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Castle Siege

Usually you had to organize a castle defense, collecting and training troops, but in the game Castle Siege you will find yourself on the other side and try to attack and destroy the enemy’s castle. You managed to get to it at the distance of the gun’s shot, but while you made your way, you had a limited number of cores. To destroy glass, wood and stone floors, find a weak spot. A broken beam in the right place will destroy the entire building and bury everyone who is in it. Then you will have to be more picky, because among the bad guys there may be peaceful innocent people, try not to hurt them.

Palette Paladin

The aristocratic castle was attacked. Nobody expected this, the building is in the distance, its owner lived quietly, did not touch anyone, did not conflict with anyone. He long ago departed from military affairs and was engaged in creative work-drawing. There are no weapons in the castle, but it is full of colors of different colors. The only warrior who remained with the owner is palladium. He will reflect the attacks of unknown creatures in the Palette Paladin. Look at the approaching creature and throw paint at it that matches it. It makes him run or die.

SecretBase In Old Castle 2

The secret base is then secret, that no one knows about it, and above all, a potential enemy. It is ideal to place the contingent in a visible place, making it invisible and this is not easy. But someone came up with a brilliant idea – to settle in an old castle. It is located in the most convenient place, since it was built taking into account all tactical and strategic military considerations. However, no one could have imagined that the castle is crammed with all evil spirits. As soon as he settled in a little, the undead climbed out of all the cracks and began to wet the poor warriors. At the same time, monsters wielded swords and teeth more skillfully than soldiers with rifles in Secret Base In Old Castle 4.

Secret Base In Old Castle 3

In an old castle under the guise of an ancient architectural structure, a secret laboratory is located. She was in the underground catacombs that equipped the castles during the Middle Ages. Each owner of the castle during its construction necessarily thought out the ways of a secret retreat, and the underground passages served precisely for this. But back to the laboratory, there just happened an explosion after one of the experiments and experimental creatures escaped into the wild, and these are terrible mutants. They are created under the influence of genetic experiments and are terrible creatures of aggressive and merciless. You will have to face them in Secret Base In Old Castle 3.

Secret Base In Old Castle 4

A small detachment of fighters took up positions in an old castle. It is planned to place a secret base here and you and several soldiers should look around, assess the situation and calculate the prospects. You split up and went to inspect the castle. It is an ancient defensive structure with thick walls, narrow corridors and iron doors. You got to check out the dark dungeon. Turning on the flashlight, you moved along the corridor and around the first turn saw several terrible creatures. Which immediately rushed in your direction. Monsters look like in the picture from the most terrible tale. Quickly respond by changing the flashlight to a weapon, otherwise you will not survive in Secret Base In Old Castle 4.

Templar Castle

Our hero is a knight who secretly entered the Templar castle. Rumor had it that somewhere in the secret rooms of the castle was hidden the Grail. It was not easy to get inside, but the search yielded nothing, and when the spy was about to leave the castle, it turned out that the exits were blocked. To open the door, you must find the code key. Replace the letters with the numbers on the column near the arch in the dungeon and the hero will be able to leave the building safely, albeit to no avail. Carefully inspect the available rooms, collect numbers, find clues. Correctly using them will be the solution to the problem.