Tag: Three in a Row

Baseball Pro

In the game Baseball Pro, we will plunge you into the world of sports, and more specifically in baseball. This exciting game has gained popularity in many countries around the world. A lot of people follow the development of this sport and admire baseball stars. Would you like to try to play professionally against the most famous world teams? Yes, you heard right, we are an example of participation in the world championship in this sport. Your task is to enter the field with a bat in your hands and beat off all the throws that will be made by a player of another team. If everything goes well and you win this tour, then your team will go further in the tournament bracket. And at the end of the journey, a battle for the title of world baseball champion awaits you. The complexity of the game will increase with each team of your opponents, because they have their own special feints and can defeat you.
Baseball Pro is written using HTML5 technology and is designed for players who like to spend time playing sports. An interesting scenario, brightly and colorfully drawn graphics with an original soundtrack – all this together will not leave indifferent more than one player. So join Baseball Pro fans and download it to your device faster and enjoy the game. If you do not want to install it, just play on our website. To do this, you do not need to register, just open it in any browser.

A Quest for the Sun

Sorcerers are vindictive, especially those who practice black magic. A magician lived quietly in your town, was engaged in his potions and potions, and helped those who turned to him with requests and help. Once his charms caused a cruel illness of a city dweller and people took up arms against the magician, deciding to expel him from the city. The wizard was very offended and, leaving, cast a secret spell that prevented the appearance of the sun over the city. The sun simply disappeared and infinite darkness came. It is deadly for people, animals and plants, it is necessary to find a solar disk and return to heaven. In A Quest for the Sun, you embark on a journey to accomplish an important mission and save people.

Drop em Scooby

Dog Scooby is not very courageous, but in the game Drop em Scooby he will have to excel and prove himself. There is no one to hope for, a friend of Shaggy ordered to guard the calm of his guests, he gathered friends for a party, and then terrible creatures with burning eyes descend from the sky in balloons. It makes no sense to find out the reason for their appearance; they have clearly hostile intentions. Scooby’s task is to prevent them from landing. Shoot the balls with arrows or throw stones, the balls will burst, and the monsters will fall to the ground and cease to be dangerous. But if they successfully fall, expect trouble for the hero. Help the brave man, move the cart in a vertical plane to intercept the descending creatures.


Colorful blocks are waiting for you in the new Colorpop game. The simpler the puzzle, the more exciting it is. You need to constantly monitor the level of filling with colored squares of the game space. They rise from below and, if you do not have time to quickly find three or more elements of the same color and remove them with a light click, the blocks will quickly get out of control. Do not let them engage in amateur performances, watch for the appearance of squares with drawings. The image of a bomb means that when pressed, a powerful explosion will occur and stasis will clear the space around it. Figure – arrows in accordance with the direction will clear a row or column, or both at the same time. The Colorpop game is unobtrusive and at the same time it will be difficult for you to get rid of it, so surrender to it when you really have free time. If you play public transport while traveling, you run the risk of missing your stop. Game manufacturers are trying to make sure that players never part with their toys whenever possible, so now the game runs smoothly on any mobile device. Play Colorpop and use your mouse if the computer is stationary, provided that the touch control is with enough skillful hands. The three in a row genre is one of the most popular, and in combination with blocks – a win-win option. Enjoy the game and have fun.

Sheeps Adventure

Todi and Doni are cute lambs we will meet in the new Sheeps Adventure game. Our heroes are very cheerful and cheerful and love to while away time for interesting and fascinating games. Today they decided to arrange a competition among themselves for solving puzzles at speed and who will earn the most points. So, in front of us we see a field filled with colorful squares. Our task is to quickly inspect the field to remove groups of objects in a row of three or more. As soon as you do this they will disappear from the screen and you will be given points. You can also use bonuses in the form of arrows that simply remove entire lines of objects and thanks to this you get new objects. Remember that at the top there is a line that takes into account the speed of passing and the number of points in a percentage state, and if you do not gain a certain amount of percent, you will lose. With each new level, complexity will increase, so we advise you to be careful and do it faster.
Sheeps Adventure is written using the new HTML5 technology, which allows many players from all over the world to play it on any modern device. Sheeps Adventure game can be installed on your device or play it on our website on the Internet.

Couples Winter Looks

You have a hot summer outside the window, go into the Couples Winter Looks game and cool off. Here you will find a cold winter, game characters wrapped in scarves, but not all. Two couples: Elsa and Jack, Barbie and Ken are going to show you new models of winter outfits and for this they are ready to stand half-dressed until you choose their clothes. Famous heroes were invited as models to a photo session for a fashionable glossy magazine. Barbie and her boyfriend are ready for the transformatio…