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Monster City

One of the largest megacities in America was attacked by various kinds of monsters. Together with them, criminal gangs became more active, which began to rob shops under the mess. At this time, the city was the famous hero Hulk. He decided to defend the city and destroy the criminals and monsters. You in the game Monster City will help him with this. Turning into a thug, our character went to travel through the streets of the city. As soon as he meets one of the opponents, he will enter into a fight with them. You controlling a hero will have to strike at the enemy and destroy him.

Incredible Monster

The most powerful, aggressive and unpredictable superhero is the incredible Hulk. Quite often, its strength and power is used to battle the most powerful monsters. Today we will help him to carry out various missions in the game Incredible Monster. Your hero will need to go to the city in which alien monsters appeared and there are various street gangs. Managing the Hulk you will have to run through the streets of the city and find them. Upon detection, you engage with them in battle. By striking hard with your hands and feet, as well as by conducting special combinations of techniques, you will destroy them all.

Marvel Draw Your Hero

All of us are happy to watch films on television about the adventures of various superheroes. We even try to remember their interests and tastes. Today in the game Marvel Draw Your Hero, we want to offer you to pass a certain test, which will show your level of knowledge of each hero. You will have questions on the screen. Below will be given several answers. After reading the question and answers you will have to choose one of them. So successively answering all the questions you will get a processed result at the end, which will show your level of knowledge as a percentage.

Superhero Taxi

Hulk, Superman, Black Widow, Spider-Man – everyone today wants to take a taxi to Superhero Taxi. Sometimes it’s better to go by public transport so as not to attract attention, and our super heroes have just such a situation. Their headquarters is captured by another villain who dreams of destroying the Earth. Avengers must gather in neutral territory, in a secret place where they can not be eavesdropped, and even more so taken by surprise. You will pick up the first passenger, and pick up the rest along the way. Your task is to bring them quickly, meeting the deadlines and not get into an accident. The game has five different levels.

Hulk way 2

The Hulk is the only one who can save the city from the attack of dark forces from outer space. His unbridled rage should be directed in the right direction and benefit people. To destroy the enemy, you need to get to the spacecraft, which will send the hero into orbit, and there he will be able to destroy the main alien spaceship. Help the hero pass through obstacles and traps, destroy green creatures and not fall under their fire.

Guess the Pixel Comics

Pixel games are gradually becoming a thing of the past, you are no longer surprised by clear beautiful graphics, voluminous characters. But the creators of the games do not lose hope of luring you into a retro game, placing them with modern popular heroes. Guess the Pixel Comics organizes a meeting with a team of characters from the famous Marvel comics. Your task is to find out the chosen super hero by writing his name below the image. You think that it’s just that you know all the legendary heroes of comics, but the picture is pixelated, blurry, the image does not appear too clearly. You will quickly guess individual silhouettes, you will have to think about others. To score maximum points, take your time with answers, click on the letters from the set to answer. Among the famous heroes of the game Guess the Pixel Comics, your favorite Batman, the insidious Black Widow, the uncompromising Captain America, the Green Lantern, Iron Man, the unbalanced Hulk, Thor, the dexterous Spider-Man, the formidable Wolverine, Flash, the Green Arrow and many others. Such a cluster of celebrities is rarely found in one place, and we were able to collect them specifically for you. It was the pixels that came to the rescue to confuse you and turn the game into an original fascinating quiz. Check your observantness, for individual protruding details inherent in only a certain character, you can recognize him. Thor brandishes his hammer, and Captain America does not part with the shield as does the Green Arrow with a bow. In addition, you can pay attention to the vestments: in the costume of Iron Man, red and yellow colors predominate, Green Lantern – respectively, in an emerald color outfit. If this does not help you, you will be prompted by the idea of ​​the size of such a giant as the Hulk, it is difficult to confuse with someone else. Please yourself by meeting handsome handsome super heroes in the game Guess the Pixel Comics and show that you will be able to recognize any of them, no matter how it is encrypted. Play on mobile phones, tablets and smartphones, it is convenient and will allow you to devote any free time to the game.