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Sweet Pony Coloring Book

For the youngest visitors to our site, we present the new game Sweet Pony Coloring Book. In it in front of you there will be a coloring book on the pages of which scenes of adventures from the life of a pony living in a magical land will be visible. You will have to click one of the images with a mouse click. Thus, you open it in front of you and can carefully consider it. On the left there will be a special toolbar on which various paints and brushes will be visible. You dipping your chosen brush in the paint will have to apply this color to your chosen area in the picture. Thus, performing these actions, you color the image and make it fully color.

Cute Pony Coloring Book

For young visitors to our site, we present a new game coloring Cute Pony Coloring Book. In it, in front of you on the pages you will see black and white images of a little pony. You will need to make all these pictures color. Selecting one of them will open the image in front of you. You will have a special panel on which various paints and brushes will be visible. You dipping a brush in color will apply it to the selected area in the picture. So gradually you will make it color.

My Little Pony Apples

Baby Applejack will be busy all day in My Little Pony Apples today. A crop of apples has ripened in the garden, but the pony will pay special attention to the magic tree, on which multi-colored apples grow. A lot of work remains, so the heroine asks you to help her. She will need apples of a certain color, and to get them, you need to find among the fruit block a group of three or more fruits of the same color. If there are none, remove other colors to get the desired apples. Hurry up, there is a scale above the pony’s head, if the pink content disappears, the game ends and your points are fixed at the remaining mark.

Puzzle My Little Pony

A world of cute little colorful ponies awaits you in Puzzle My Little Pony. They have long wanted to open an art gallery, where paintings with images of the ponies themselves, their life, hobbies, and activities will be exhibited. The local eminent artist was given an order and he painted nine huge canvases. When the question arose of transportation, there was no suitable truck, it was decided to cut each picture into identical square fragments. When the cargo was delivered to the place, everyone was at a loss. What to do with pieces, how to assemble them. And here you come to the rescue, with your ability to put puzzles.

Rainbow Pony Caring

In fairyland, little Princess Anne has a little pony with certain magical properties. For coloring ponies are called rainbow. He is very cheerful and often walks with the little princess in the park. After they run, and enough of our characters return to the palace. While the nannies are doing the princess, you will tidy up her pet. You will need to clean his skin by cleaning it from debris. Then apply soap foam and wash it off with our hero. After that, comb his mane and tail and decorate with other objects.

Magical Pony Caring

In a magical land lives a small cheerful pony. Every day he spends with his friends playing various games. When he returns home, it requires certain care. You in the game Magical Pony Caring will take care of him. You will see the animal in front of you on the screen. First of all, with the help of tongs, you will need to pull out various debris from the mane. After that, you will need to apply soap foam to the body of the pony. After that, taking a shower in your hands, you will have to wash the dirty foam from the body. Now, picking up a comb, comb the pony’s tail and mane.