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Mario Super Boats

Cheerless plumber Mario decided to go on vacation at sea. Arriving there and lounging in the sand, he noticed a sign in which everyone was invited to participate in scooter races. Our hero decided to take part in them and you and I will help him win the game Mario Super Boats. Our hero will sit on a scooter and drive to the start. After the signal, turning the throttle stick, we, together with the opponents, rush to the finish line. Various jumps and other objects will be located on the track, which will complicate your passage. You need to overcome all of them at speed. The main thing is that your hero does not roll over otherwise you lose the round.

Mario vs Sonic Skiing

As he came to relax in a mountain resort, Mario met his friend Sonic. They were delighted to meet and decided to have fun together. To begin with, our heroes decided to arrange a friendly competition and drive on snowboards. We will take part in their competition in the game Mario vs Sonic Skiing. At the beginning of the game, we will choose the character we will play for. Then we will be transported onto the track to the mountains. At the signal, we will roll on the board in the snow. Gradually, our speed will increase. Remember, we need to overtake our opponent and come to the finish line first. On the road, various obstacles await us, which we will jump over or go around. Also collect items that will be located on your way.

Mario Driving Coloring Book

Mario has long tried himself in the role of a racer and he is fascinated by it. There are already several vehicles in the plumber’s garage: motorcycles, cars. The hero took part in competitions more than once and even won, winning the cups; he would like to have several paintings in his memory, where he is depicted driving a bike or a speed car. Mario wants to show off to his friends and his brother Luigi. You can create such canvases by coloring sketches on the pages of our Mario Driving Coloring Book. Start coloring, you have twenty-four pencils at your disposal.

Old M

Good old grandfather M constantly travels through the valleys located around his house. In these adventures, he collects various useful items and gold coins. Today in the Old M game you will join his adventures. Your hero picking up a special cart will begin his advancement in the location. On his way will come across obstacles and various wild animals and monsters. You will have to control the run of your character to jump over them all. If this makes it difficult you will have to bypass the dangers.

Bombing Mario

A large number of villains divorced in this forest and of course the hero Mario could not pass by this event and is now preparing to deal with them using a rocket launcher of his own invention. But he does not have shooting experience, so you will have to aim and launch these unusual rockets, hitting all targets in front of you.