Tag: Surgeon

Miracle Farm

You recently became the owner of a charming farm that needs to plant vegetables, fruits and trees. Choose seedlings, plant them in the ground and do not forget to water from the well. Also destroy weeds and monitor the condition of plants….

Farm Rabbit

The goal of this little game is to pick up pumpkins that appear on the field and peanuts, which are laid out all over the field on the paths. Collect all the peanuts, but be careful: the eggplants will be waiting for you to prevent you from playing the game. Try to collect pumpkins as much as possible, take into account the fact that they are visible on the field for several seconds. Good game!…

Farm frenzy

Do you like to work outdoors? Then you will like the game, because here you have to develop your own farm. Can you keep track of thousands of cases at once? As long as you have a piece of land, geese dad and a well. What will happen next? It is up to you. Sell ​​your animals and create new ones, follow the feed….

Magic Farm

Your farm is home to many animals that you have raised for many years. During this time, you have become their best friend and the animals love to play the same game with you, which we offer you to play right now. The animals will raise plates with the image of the object that they need. Find the desired item in the list and give it to your pet….

Farm frenzy – 3: American pie

This game will be interesting to absolutely everyone and is suitable for all ages, because you can spend your free time doing your favorite thing or dream – to build your own farm and grow your own farm. This is not so easy, because every animal needs constant attention and the correct distribution of funds. Have a great time!…

Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

This game will allow us to see the world of farming from a completely different perspective. Few people know that there are special fish farms where different types of fish are grown. It was such a farm that you were invited to manage. You have a lot of experience in managing ordinary farms, and this one will be something new for you. You will need to feed small fish and catch an adult, so that later you can sell and buy food or new types of fish….