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Superheroes Jigsaw

A motley company of super heroes, large and small, has gathered in the game Superheroes Jigsaw. We suggest you solve ten jigsaw puzzles, and since there are three different sets of fragments in each, there will be as many as thirty puzzles. To take a new picture, you have to earn 1000 coins on it. The more difficult the level, the higher the reward, at the same time, you can collect images several times at the easiest or middle level. The main thing is that you have a choice and you can have fun, usefully spend time, and also meet with your favorite characters from comics, cartoons or films.

City Car Dealer

You have opened a unique car dealership in which the client is invited to create an individual car and immediately attracted the attention of several super characters at once. Right in the morning, Superman came to see you, followed by Batman with Deadpool and the Green Lantern. Super guys needed cars that emphasized belonging to their unusual owner. Choose a character and create a personal vehicle for him with his trademark differences.

Superman Puzzle Challenge

We all enjoyed watching films on television about the adventures of the famous hero of Superman. For such fans of this character, we present the game Superman Puzzle Challenge. In it, we will arrange puzzles dedicated to him. You will see pictures of scenes of his adventures. You will have to choose one. After that, she will appear in front of you, and you will choose the level of difficulty. Then it will fall into many pieces. You transferring them to the playing field will need to restore the original image completely.

Superman: Theme is Aliens

One morning, the inhabitants of the city of Metropolis saw how many spacecraft descended from heaven from which newcomers appeared. They immediately opened fire on civilians and began to hunt them. The brave hero who always defended the city must join the battle again. We will help Superman defend his city and destroy opponents in the game Superman: Theme is Aliens. Our hero will have to be guided by the radar, which will tell him where the alien soldiers are. After running up to them you will have to attack the enemy. You can kill them with punches or use the super abilities of your hero.

Marvel Draw Your Hero

All of us are happy to watch films on television about the adventures of various superheroes. We even try to remember their interests and tastes. Today in the game Marvel Draw Your Hero, we want to offer you to pass a certain test, which will show your level of knowledge of each hero. You will have questions on the screen. Below will be given several answers. After reading the question and answers you will have to choose one of them. So successively answering all the questions you will get a processed result at the end, which will show your level of knowledge as a percentage.

Jetpack June And The Tower Of Power

Ten years ago, the ordinary citizen of the country, Maximilian Maximum, became the richest man in the world and earned his first billions in Max Corp. Toveri Corporation. This campaign has so far developed and hired employees until the assets of the company begin to disappear in an unknown direction. The detectives that your character hired did not bring any valuable information. So you need to take control of the situation and do the investigation of fraud in Jetpack June And The Tower Of Power yourself. Lead the actions of Max, who reincarnated as a super hero and tries to restore order on his own.