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Thor The Dark World City Flight

Marvel comics fans know and love the noble and brutal Thor. The God of Thunder masterly handles his only weapon – a powerful hammer. He throws it at lightning speed, and the magic weapon comes back like a boomerang. In the game Thor The Dark World City Flight, the hero must fly over a city covered in black shroud. He, as always, needs to save the world from global destruction. Help God help people escape from the catastrophe that came from outer space. Destroy the falling stone meteorites, collect sparks to replenish energy for the flight, avoid encounters with alien spaceships.

Thor Boss Battles

The thunder god Thor is back in business, he never stopped fighting villains trying to harm Asgard, but in the Thor Boss Battles game you can help the super hero. This time all of his main enemies: Loki, the Enchantress and Hela ganged up against the hero. Hot battles are expected and brother Loki will be the first to enter the arena, whose malice is based on envy and the desire to take Odin’s place. To get to the first enemy, you have to go through stone obstacles, smashing them with a powerful hammer. Collect crystals – this is the currency for which you can strengthen the action of the hammer. This is useful in battles with very strong enemies, and they will not miss the moment to harm the Torah.

Avengers: Thor Frost Giant Frenzy

The god of thunder, Thor, received from his father the task of penetrating the world of ice giants and taking from them an ancient artifact capable of endowing these monsters with even greater power. Our hero bravely went to that world and you and I will join him in this adventure in the game Avengers: Thor Frost Giant Frenzy. The artifact is hidden behind the erected ice walls. They consist of blocks. With the help of a hammer we will break them into pieces. The weapon of Thor is able to come back. Therefore, having made a throw, we will see how the hammer with force strikes the wall and knocks off a piece from it. After that, the hammer will fly back and we need to move our hero so that he can catch him and throw him back into the wall. So you will break all the obstacles in your path.

Tiny Thor

Thor is the great and powerful god of Thunder living in the myths and legends of the Scandinavian peoples. He was the son of the supreme god Odin and was considered the most powerful of the gods who lived in Asgard. He stood in defense of the world and fought with various dark monsters. Today in Tiny Thor, you and I will join Thor in one of his adventures. There was a nuisance in the kingdom of Hades, someone stole an artifact and our torus went down to the dungeon to find a thief. He has a dangerous and difficult path filled with various traps and dangers and we will help him to go through all of them. We will jump pits, climb walls and do other things that will help our hero in his way. Also do not forget about the hammer of God. With it, you can break through walls and other obstacles. This weapon, if thrown from a long distance, can return back to the hands. But if you just hit while standing close to an obstacle it may fall out so look do not lose it. We are sure that you will be honored to cope with all the dangers and help Thor in his adventures.
The game Tiny Thor is quite interesting and we are sure to like you. Just open Tiny Thor on our website and enjoy the adventures of the Scandinavian god of thunder.

Rumble Arena

Super heroes constantly have to fight enemies, saving the world, but this is not enough for them. To test their strengths and practice with a strong opponent, using super abilities to the limit, the characters arrange fights between themselves. You have to choose a character: Spartacus, Thor, Wukong or Cupid and let him prove that he is the strongest. For the battle, you still have to choose a place and act with the ASD keys to attack, the arrows to move.

Thor the dark world find the hidden letters

Go to the world of the gods, where you will have the opportunity to meet all the heroes from the movie Thor. In order to fully inspect the picture, move it with a computer mouse. At the top, a panel with a list of letters will be displayed. The main task is to detect hidden letters on the background of a colorful image. In order to use the hint, click on the button in the form of a flashlight. Also, carefully monitor the time that will gradually expire….