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The Amazing Ruff N`Tumble

The star of the movie screen, the magnificent and amazing Roof, is invited to the shooting of the new blockbuster. Many dizzying tricks are expected, but our hero is no stranger. She has long and successfully performed the role of super heroes and knows what risk is. Usually a lot of assistants help him, but today something is not visible. They simply quit, unable to withstand the quarrelsome nature of the star. But you will not begin to pay attention to the tricks of the hero, but help him to complete the flight, soaring on the usual open umbrella. You must avoid obstacles and in no case touch the ground, otherwise the double will be damaged in The Amazing Ruff N`Tumble.

Floppy Bird

It is difficult to find a creator of games who would not try himself in the genre of a flying bird that courageously flies through obstacles. The Floppy Bird game is an analogue of similar stories and its main character is the same bird that urgently needs to be in only its famous place. But for this it is necessary to cross the space, studded with obstacles from above and below. The bird will have to masterfully fly into empty spaces without hitting the pipe, and you must help her in this by pressing the space bar. With it, you will change the height and fly to the right place.

Plane Dodger

Wars do not abate and on the gaming expanses in the game Plane Dodger will drag you into another showdown between the red and green army. You will be on the side of the minority – the green. They have at their disposal only one combat glider, which you will control. The task is to break through the enemy’s barriers and fly into its territory to make a rustle there. The aircraft must continuously change altitude so as not to collide with the enemy and with the hills that he flies over. Do not collide with airplanes, they will destroy you because they are more powerful.

Dashy Adventure

A cute yellow cubic character set out to rush along a difficult airway, masterfully passing through the narrow gaps between the obstacles. The hero has one not very convenient feature. By clicking on it, you immediately give the runner rapid acceleration, so make sure that there are no obstacles ahead, otherwise he will bump into them with a run, not having time to turn off. Collect coins, crystals and various bonuses along the way: magnets, glasses, horseshoes and other useful items. They will make it easier to go the distance in Dashy Adventure.

Flappy Ship

The ship rushes along an unfamiliar route, so on the way you can wait for anything and have time to quickly respond to obstacles. You cannot brake, otherwise the ship will be off course and will not reach the set point. But the path is long and you have the opportunity at Flappy Ship to practice agility and dexterity. Take the helm into your own hands and fly the starship, avoiding emerging obstacles. Any collision is fraught with grave consequences, the further you fly, the more difficult the track will be, the number of obstacles will increase, not allowing you to relax for a second.

Swimming Cat

Cats for the most part are panicky afraid of water, but at the same time they love fish very much. Our cat in the game Swimming Cat is simply happy, because he is not at all afraid of water and loves to swim, and even go diving. Right now, you will help him sink to the seabed with a scuba gear. This place is unfamiliar to him and can be dangerous. In addition to barriers with spikes, here you can meet predatory fish, a collision with which will not bring anything good. Help the cat get around all the dangers and catch rare rainbow fish, they are especially tasty, but live quite deeply. Therefore, the cat has to take risks.