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Fix My Robot

A traveler through the universe looked at a small planet. It seemed interesting to him, but his robot assistant suddenly broke. One of his hands has ceased to obey, and this may interfere with intelligence activities. First you have to look for suitable parts and repair the robot. The terrain on the planet is rugged, with platforms and numerous obstacles in the form of fire rivers and volcanic rocks. To jump over them, use the special handle. Rotating around it, you can accelerate and jump over any obstacle in Fix My Robot.

Sunny Adventure

A reconnaissance research ship arrived on the planet to probe it and find out what benefits it can bring to people, what is on it. For the safety of the crew, a special robot was released to the surface. It appears to be a small solar-powered design. The robot hit the road, keeping in touch with the ship, but suddenly the connection was interrupted. Apparently here is a special environment that does not transmit radio waves. Now the scout does not know where the ship is and how to return there. You can help him, but for this you will have to go through several levels, overcome a lot of obstacles and collect rare diamonds in Sunny Adventure.

Cyber Champions Arena

It turns out that not only sentient beings fight, but also cyber mechanisms. In the game Cyber ​​Champions Arena, we invite you to the arena, where your cyber warriors will meet in fights. Basically, these are huge robots created in the form of different animals, but equipped not with fangs or claws, but with the strongest weapons for attack and powerful shields for protection. To defeat an opponent you need to have the right strategy and put pressure on his weaknesses. In the arena, as a rule, two rival ps converge with almost equal forces. But each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Explore the enemy and you can defeat him.

Monkey Go Happly Stage 330

The monkey is scheduled to meet with a robot in the game Monkey Go Happly Stage 330. He is an alien from the future and has come to us to correct one small misunderstanding in the past that will positively affect the future. But, crossing the time machine, he lost all his ammunition and now can not complete the mission. The monkey volunteered to help and invites you to join. It is necessary to find and collect all the cartridges, and in addition to solve other puzzles. The robot will be very grateful, and the monkey will blossom in a smile.

Xenon Blade

Competition exists everywhere and even among robots. You will be convinced of this in the game Xenon Blade, where you help the ninja cyborg to gain a place in the sun. His opponents are robots, but of a lower level. However, do not flatter yourself, this does not mean that they are weaker. In some cases this is true, but there are many more, and this is their strength. Robots do not want modernization, they are satisfied with the current state of affairs, they do not need higher loads after upgrades. This made the outdated mechanisms take extreme measures. Help the ninja withstand repetitive waves of attacks. Following some, others will come. And that means you need to constantly develop.

Krono Time Twisted

Over time, strange things began to happen, it either stopped, then rushed at full speed and it aroused the whole forest world. There was a suspicion that the great clock of Chronos had broken. It turned out that it was, someone very angry and treacherous threw something heavy in the watch and several fragments fell off from them. They scattered over long distances, and the clock began to junk. Our hero – a brave wolf cub sets off on a journey to find the missing pieces. You will help him cope with the task. The character will have to meet the aliens robots. They cannot be defeated, so go around or jump over to collect precious crystals.