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Modern gadgets are becoming more compact and convenient, and more information is contained in them. Miniature devices consist of even smaller parts that are not so easy to replace. A special robot called Micron was designed for these purposes. Its feature is that it can be reduced to the required size and penetrate into the interior of any device for repair. Right now, you can try the robot in action. Send your baby to a broken gadget, it will be in it, as in a maze. To fix it, you need to move the block and install it in a niche that matches its size.

Robot Fighter Epic Battles

The inventors to protect the planet came up with fighting robots, which can easily be seen in the game Robot Fighter Epic Battles. However, you can still try them in real fights and the Wook fox will gladly join you in his campaign. This camelina fights against the forces of evil, which is a gray mouse. Both of them are sitting at the control of automatic machines and trying to inflict the greatest damage to the opponent. Wook’s business will go faster as soon as you begin to control the blue automaton. Press the red start button and watching the battery, make mechanical movements to destroy the enemy. After each contest, do not forget to refuel the batteries.

Robot Ball

Robots are useful and necessary to help a person perform various routine or hard work, but this is still a machine and sometimes it fails and miracles begin. Our huge robot is endowed with remarkable strength, but its program got over and the giant decided instead of useful activity to play the ball, which became a heavy ball. Help the character dodge the falling ball while controlling the arrows.


The variety of robots in the game space does not surprise anyone, so you will not be surprised at all in our character in the game FoxBot. This is a robot in the form of a small pink fox. It was created and released to explore an unknown area. He must go through and find out if there are dangerous creatures or traps here. You must manage the bot so that it successfully fulfills the assigned task. It is not in his interests to ingloriously perish. It is necessary to jump over voids, to avoid dangerous places. At first, you will be accompanied by instructions for controlling the robot so that you can understand how to effectively move it.

Robots Titans Jigsaw

Huge robots, if they are in the service of man, can bring many benefits. This is what happens with the Young Titans, whom the robot helps in particularly difficult missions. Imagine that each titan will have its own robot, how much easier it will be for them to fight enemies. In the game Robots Titans Jigsaw, you will see all the robots that can become reliable helpers. Collect puzzles by setting pieces to the correct positions and you can view each robot individually. There are three difficulty modes.

Rad Fyre

A red fire appeared in the sky above the city, then an unidentified object hung, and strange creatures began to descend from it to the ground. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that these are robots. Having reached the surface, they dispersed throughout the city and quickly occupied it. Some people hid in the basements, and those who did not have time were destroyed. Our hero is not going to hide in the corners, he took up arms and went to water the aggressors who arrived on his planet. Help him, he no longer has anyone to lean on. You need to move, avoiding shelling and destroying all the robots in Rad Fyre.