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Birds Birds Birds

The red bird from the squad of Angry Birds decided to live alone and went to a distant birdhouse, which is located in the platform world. To get to a cozy nest, you have to overcome many obstacles, but the sweeter the rest. But first, let’s help the bird in the game Birds Birds Birds. She cannot fly because her wing is damaged, but she can jump quite high if you help her. Click on the bird and pull aside the arrow that appears to give the heroine an acceleration and she will fly a short distance. This will allow you to jump over empty gaps.

Kogama: Angry Birds

Kogam kids love everything related to evil birds. A game where you need to shoot pigs with a big slingshot, this is one of the best games in the Kogama Universe. Also, the kids watched a cartoon with their favorite characters. Now, it’s time to go to the thematic arena. Here, you will perform various tasks. For example, you must visit several worlds and collect all the stars that are hidden there. Also, for parkour lovers, there is an almost impassable track here. Go to the track where you need to collect currency while driving a fast vehicle. Eliminate all competitors on the map using hidden weapons or any other means.


In the game Flappybird.Space, we will go to the world of birds. You with hundreds of other players will receive each character. Your task is to help your little bird develop. To do this, you will have to fly through many locations and collect food and other items that will help in the development of your hero. On your way there will be various columned and other obstacles. You will need to avoid collisions and fly around them all. You will also need to hunt for smaller birds that will come across on your way.

Angry Ducks

There was a conflict between a flock of birds and pigs. Pigs captured several good glades in the forest and built various buildings there. The birds could not endure this and decided to destroy it all to the ground. We will help them with this in Angry Pigs. You will see in front of you a building that stands in a clearing. There will be pigs inside. At a certain distance, a slingshot will be visible. When you insert a bird into it and pull out the elastic, you will have to aim at the structure and fire a shot. Try to get into the supporting beams to cause a complete collapse of the building. Then you destroy the pig and get points.

Ninja Bird

The bird goes on its next flight to collect as many treasures along the way. But in order to reach untold riches, a very dangerous path has to be taken along with the ninja hero. Use dexterity to avoid dangers, as well as maneuver so as not to fall into the clutches of monsters. If you correctly calculate the trajectory, you can pass all the tests prepared by the hero. Collect all items during the flight to earn more points. With each level the tasks will be complicated, so get ready for the difficulties in the game Ninja Bird.

Angry Birds Racers Jigsaw

Angry birds want to play an interesting intellectual game with you. In it, you can develop your skills, such as memory and mindfulness, and just have fun. You will have a choice of three images, your task is to choose one of them and establish the complexity of the puzzle. The higher the complexity, the more detail your image will have. When the game starts, try to remember as many different details as possible, then to recreate them from memory. If in doubt or cannot find the image, use the tooltip. For using you will be taken away a certain number of points, but do not worry, if you do the job, you will get a prize in the game Angry Birds Racers Jigsaw.