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The Forgotten Farm

There are still many picturesque places on Earth, despite the vigorous activity of man to destroy them. The heroes of the story The Forgotten Farm – Irina and David love to travel and find beautiful corners. Recently, a couple came across an abandoned farm surrounded by forests and a village nearby. Friends liked the farm so much that they decided to settle on it, but asking permission from local residents. Fortunately, everyone agreed and the hero began to analyze the rubble, and the villagers came to pick up what was useful to them. You need to quickly find the required items and give to people. To get the most hearts, try not to linger on the search.

Mushroom Farmer

If you still think that mushrooms are harvested in the forest, this is not always the case. On an industrial scale, they are grown on farms, like any other crop. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you could see this product in such abundance in supermarkets. Our hero in the game Mushroom Farmer also decided to earn extra money in this way and instead of traditional cultures decided to grow mushrooms, they cost much more in the market. But he did not take into account that this product has its own characteristics. You need to take care of him constantly, watching the needs of the fungi. Windows appear above them, in which the requirements of the mushroom are drawn: watering, loosening or harvesting. You need to act quickly and in the allotted time to collect the maximum yield, without letting a single mushroom die.

Village of Sacrifice

Far behind the mountains in a dense forest stands a small village of just a couple of houses. In the game Village of Sacrifice, you will get there and make a small village a large developed village with its infrastructure and customs, which we will dwell on. Take a short briefing to familiarize yourself with the location of the tools and understand how to proceed. And then it all depends on you and your strategy. Gather resources, stock up on food, grow crops, cut down forests. But most importantly, praise the almighty God, and he requires sacrifices. Here you have the peculiarity of this village.

Kids Farm Fun

We invite you to our fun Farm Kids Farm Fun, where the animals themselves run the show. The cow carefully bottles milk and hides it in the refrigerator so that it does not turn sour. Ducklings amply slap through puddles, but in rubber boots and umbrellas, the goby went to pick raspberries. Dog Sharik is busy extracting water from a well for watering beds. The rooster coaches the voice in front of the music stand with notes, and the cat does not fall in love with the huge burger just prepared. A lamb fills the pantry with threads, and ready-made knitwear for the winter. The kid really went camping with the tent, and the donkey decided to learn how to skate. And these are not all the funny inhabitants you will see.

Farming 10×10

Welcome to our puzzle farm in Farming 10×10. The task is to sow the maximum number of useful plants in a small square area. To do this, you will expose figures from blocks, and from them sprouts will quickly appear and the crop will ripen. When you get a solid line through the entire field, a tractor appears and quickly takes everything away, and you can sow crops again in the vacated space. It is necessary to place the maximum number of blocks, which will ensure a large crop of a wide variety of plants: vegetables, cereals, berries.

Farm Fun Time

No one argues that the farm has a lot and hard work. But in our Farm Fun Time game, we invite you to our fun farm, where clean pink pigs, spotted cows, curly lamb and other animals live. They will all appear in front of you on the playing field and a huge number of them are expected. Your task in the game is to choose from the moving rows of animals the one indicated in the lower left corner. You can simultaneously take a minimum of the same animals located nearby, if there are more, you will earn more points, respectively.