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Army Of Soldiers Team Battle

The release of prisoners on a desert island under the supervision of thugs continues in the game Army Of Soldiers Team Battle. The past emancipation was not possible due to the betrayal of one of the soldiers who surrendered the position of his army. Now things are different and there are no more traitors in my team. The small army is so prepared that it is ready to immediately plant a burst of bullets in enemy foreheads. Join the military campaign to create a worthy attack on the adversaries. With each battle attempt, you will be awarded a certain number of coins that can be spent in the game store. Do not get lost and whenever possible constantly upgrade your army.

Tanx rush

Have you ever wanted to take part in tank battles? Today in the online multiplayer game Tanx rush you can take part in them. At the beginning of the game, you will be transferred to the playing field on which various buildings are located. You will need to drive around the game location and look for enemy tanks. As soon as you find the enemy, make fire contact with him. Try to aim quickly and shoot to kill when exploding enemy tanks. Maneuver constantly and do not stand still, because they will also fire at you. Also collect various objects that will be scattered on the ground. They will give you new types of ammunition and other reinforcing bonuses.

War of Iron

An invasion of the armed forces of a neighboring state has begun in your country. It so happened that your military base was the first to be hit. You in the game War of Iron will command its defense. While the enemy troops are moving towards you, you will have time to build defenses in certain places. Each building will build play money. As soon as you place the defenses, the enemy troops will approach and the battle will begin. If you did everything strategically correctly, then your soldiers will be able to destroy the enemy. For this they will give you points and on them you will be able to upgrade your defensive buildings.

Mini Tank Battle 2

When a military conflict breaks out between states, various machines are often used. These are tanks, armored personnel carriers and aircraft. Quite often, the presence of such equipment decides who will win the war. Today in the game Mini Tank Battle 2, we will plunge into the world of tank battles. You have to drive a modern tank and fight against enemy vehicles. Try to get close to them and shoot direct fire. Or maneuver, but then you will need to calculate the flight path of your projectile. The main thing is to hit an enemy tank. Also on the ground can be various boxes. They will be hidden weapons and ammunition. Collect boxes they will strengthen your firepower.

Ultimate Elite War 3

You are the commander of an elite unit in the composition of the forces of the earth. Today you have to confront the army of aliens who attacked the planet. Your first priority is to train your fighters to work with any type of weaponry – from a missile launcher to space ships. Then expand your territory and knock out all enemies from their positions. But do not forget the same about defense. After all, not only you can attack. Build defenses and develop your technology for the manufacture of more modern weapons.

5 Warriors

Your kingdom has been attacked by an army of enemies who want to capture it and destroy all its inhabitants.
You, as the most important warrior among all the others, must command the senior soldiers of your armies to defend and kill each of the enemies. Your soldiers have various abilities and types of weapons, choose the right battle tactics and defeat the enemy.