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Descendants 2: Coloring Book

For all art lovers, we want to introduce the new Descendants 2: Coloring Book. In it, we can work with you on the images of famous heroes from the series Heirs. We will see a book with black and white pictures in which these heroes will be visible. We will click on one of them to make a choice in this way. Now, seeing it in front of us, we just need to take pencils of a certain color or by dipping a brush in paint, apply color to our chosen area. When we finish, we will have a color image of our hero. We can save it or print it out as a keepsake.

Kody Kapow Coloring Book

Today we want to introduce the game Kody Kapow Coloring Book. In it, our smallest players will be able to practice drawing. You will see a coloring book in which we will see pictures with scenes from the life of Cody Capow and his friends. They are all colorless, that is, made in black and white. Using paints, pencils and brushes you need to make them bright and colorful. Select a picture and start coloring it. It is easy to do. Having dipped a brush in a paint click on the element chosen by you. It will get your chosen color. So, step by step, you will make the image color.

Symmetry Painter

Peg and her pet cat Guy sometimes spend their time painting some kind of picture. They really like this process, because when drawing they can turn on their imagination and depict everything they want on a piece of paper. Today at Symmetry Painter, we want to invite you to join them and try to draw something. In front of you on the screen will be a piece of paper in a box. The panel with various paints and brushes will be located below. You choosing what you need will be able to draw any image on a piece in any form. Above is a panel with figures. If you choose what is from there, then these figures will appear on the sheet in the place where you put them. So turn on your imagination and try to create your own masterpiece.


Another game from the IO genre, in which real players are waiting for you, ready to have fun with you. The essence of the game is to draw some figure (a person, a house, or whatever) on the playing field, and other players must guess what you are drawing and enter the answer in a special field. The faster you do it, the more points you can earn. You will also be given the opportunity to depict your figure, which other participants in this application will have to guess. You can enter a large number of answers, giving various assumptions as the player draws out what he intended.

Lego City Volcano

An unknown round luminous object was found in the mountains of Lego City Volcano. Lego City scientists organized an expedition to investigate the find. Your help will also come in handy for a successful mission. The object was scanned and found inside the presence of a valuable blue crystalline formation. It was decided to open the ball and remove the crystal. When the worker began drilling, a volcanic eruption suddenly began. In a panic, everyone rushed into loose, and a bright object fell into the resulting crack. You can’t allow the loss of a valuable artifact, it can be a messenger from another planet. One of the daredevils escorted into the cave, accompanied by a drone. What awaits him you will learn by playing and helping the characters.

Splash Art! Summer Time

In the cartoon world, another Splash Art! Summer Time. Summer came and all the characters went to rest, and among them our beloved Mr. Bean. He grabbed his faithful friend a teddy bear and set off in all serious ways. You yourself can see how Bean has fun. And to make his adventures even more interesting and beautiful, try to color them. We offer you a set of several sketches and tools for coloring and drawing: brushes, pencils, fill and a palette of colors. You can not only paint, but also draw pictures. In addition to Bean, you will meet Bunny rabbit and baby Jerry.