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Super Soccer Stars

Today’s football game you will play in your own arena, where you will meet face to face with your avid rival. Who will become them yourself if you play in the mode of one or two players. If you want to go through all the stages of the competition and get the world cup, then choose a competition where teams will be selected randomly. On the field, try to control the ball so as not to miss a goal in the first minutes. You can also set the duration of the match, which is very convenient if you want to experience a great game of football. Consider attack and defense tactics to ensure your victory in Super Soccer Stars.

Summer Sports: Soccer Hero

In the game Summer Sports: Soccer Hero, you will become one of the players in the football team who must lead his team to victory. You can play most countries of the world to your taste. Once you decide on the choice, go out onto the field and try to reach the opponent’s goal with the ball. The defenders of the team will constantly interfere with you, try to circumvent them using dribbling. As you progress, collect gold coins they will be needed to improve the player’s parameters. Once at the gates, calculate the accuracy of the shot and score your first ball. The game is played up to three goals scored, so be careful and do not lose control and can win the championship.

3D Free Kick World Cup 2018

In the game 3D Free Kick World Cup 2018, we will go to the World Cup in football. Your task is to win the qualifying rounds and reach the finals. At the beginning of the game you can choose the team that you will represent. After that, you will see a table in which you take your opponents against whom you will play. Then you will appear on the football field. You will see the opponent’s goal and the goalkeeper protecting them. You will have to punch free kicks from different points and distances. The main task is to deceive the goalkeeper and score a goal. The one who will score them the most will win the match.

Head World Cup

Football players with disproportionately large heads again go to the green field. They prefer to play with their heads and not in a team, but in pairs. Choose your image of a player; you have four options to choose from. Each has its own characteristics in ball possession skills, but it all depends on your dexterity and dexterity in the Head World Cup. The task is to throw the ball to the side of the opponent so that he does not have time to hit it. Use the arrows to move the character, trying not to miss the flying ball. In offline mode with a computer, you are provided with three difficulty modes. When choosing a game online, a lot depends on the opponent you come across.

World Football Kick 2018

In the game World Football Kick 2018, you and I will have to travel around the world and play such a popular sports game as football. To begin, you select the country for which you will speak. After that, you will see the standings where it will be displayed against which countries you will have to play. To win the match you will need to play as an attacker who specializes in free kicks made from different distances. To hit the goal, simply click on the screen and push the ball along a specific path. If you aim correctly, then having beaten the defense and the goalkeeper will get on goal and score a goal.

Finger Soccer

What parts of the body you just did not play football, and even your heads! But in this part of the sports game, the developers propose you to hold a stunning Finger Soccer match with your own finger! Choose a player, as well as an opponent and start playing. If you have enough experience as a football player, you can immediately start the game from the championship! Decide on the time of the future match and activate your internal forces to meet strong rivals. A black and white soccer ball is already right in the middle of the field and is waiting for the beginning of your active actions. Rather, press your finger on him and send the opponent into the gate.