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Super stickman golf

Stickman invites you to play golf in Super stickman golf, do not give up this opportunity. Driving a golfer, you will pass ten fields, throwing a ball into a hole. At first, the relief will seem simple to you, and the task is simple, but moving through the levels, you will feel how they gradually become more complicated. The terrain becomes hilly and getting a ball from one time is becoming increasingly difficult. Try to earn three gold stars and score maximum points. And this will happen only with a well-aimed hit and a minimum of shots. After each successful hit, a table of your indicators will appear in front of you.

Stickman Army Team Battle

Little black men from the game Stickman Army Team Battle are constantly fighting against evil forces. And now Stickman and his invincible army are trying to confront the new enemy. Opponents had long heard about the fighting capabilities of the Stick armed forces and this time came more prepared than their predecessors. Well, it’s worth holding another duel with overwhelming haters and not giving them a single chance for a quick victory. Take on the role of commander and start the battle. Just tell your soldiers which direction you want to shoot and they headlong will fulfill any assignment of the brave commander in chief.

Stickman Shoot

A zombie epidemic has entered the world of stickmen. Peaceful stick men turned into evil voracious monsters, mutants appeared who could fly. Few were lucky enough to survive, the uninfected formed camps and put up security. Help the stickman in the game Stickman Shoot, he must withstand the unprecedented onslaught of his mutated brothers. His task is not to miss the attackers for the blue flag. The hero is armed with powerful automatic weapons, but it will become more effective if the character does not miss the falling boxes. In them a variety of ammunition is dropped from the air. Use special mines, they appear in the upper right corner.

Gun Fu: Stickman 2

In the new game Gun Fu: Stickman 2, you will find yourself in an amazing world where such a character as Stickman lives. Your hero is in secret service and is fighting various criminals. Today, our hero will need to destroy a gang of terrorists. Your hero holding guns will stand in the center of the playing field. Opponents will appear around him in various places. You will need to quickly respond by aiming their guns at them and open fire. If your sight is accurate, then a bullet hitting an enemy will destroy it.

Help Stickman Burn

Stickman works in the fire department in the town where he lives. Every day, our hero leaves for fires in various places of his city. Each time he is exposed to mortal danger. Today, in the game Help Stickman Burn, you will help our hero in his work. Quite often, when saving lives, it is exposed to fire. Because of this, his clothes light up and our hero can get burns. You will need to help him put out himself. To do this, you will need to make sure that he gets into a special container in which there is water. Then the fire will go out and your hero will be saved.

Stickman Go

Once Stickman went on a journey through the uncharted lands of his world. Our character wants to explore various ancient buildings that are located in very inaccessible places. You in Stickman Go will need to help him with this. Your hero will run along a certain road. On it will be seen many failures in the ground, spikes sticking out of it and other obstacles. You will have to click on the screen to make your hero jump over all these dangers. Also try to collect various objects that are scattered everywhere.