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Angry Gran in Up, Up & Away

The evil grandmother decided to diversify her travels around the world. The energetic lady managed to run half the world, visited Europe, Asia, America. The heroine is not in a hurry to Antarctica, but there is still the opportunity to rise up and conquer the heavenly peaks. In the game Angry Gran in Up, Up & Away, you will help your grandmother learn new ways of moving – jumping. While running through the city streets, she already used jumping to overcome obstacles, but this time they will be the only possible way to achieve the goal. Help the elderly traveler jump as far and high as possible by collecting coins and avoiding dangerous obstacles.

Angry Gran Run: Japan

In the next part of the game Angry Gran Run: Japan about the adventures of the restless grandmother, you and I will be transported with her to the capital of such a country as Japan. Our grandmother was on an excursion here, and on the last day before leaving, she remembered that she had forgotten to buy souvenirs for her grandchildren. She has very little time left, and you need to visit the quarter with souvenir shops. Now she has to run through the streets of the town in his direction. Our grandmother, having jumped out of her legs, will run along the road. Various obstacles will appear on her way, which she, as a real sportsman, will have to jump over. In doing so, you will need to help her collect various objects along the way.

Angry gran run: Turkey

The tireless granny’s world tour continues. Having recharged the next batch of medicines at a local pharmacy, an elderly lady sprinter ended up in Turkey and is going to run through the endless streets of Istanbul. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the sights of a huge and diverse city with the heroine in the game Angry gran run: Turkey. Although you’re unlikely to take a closer look at his beauties, because the heroine rushes, raising the dust with a pillar, and you need to make sure that she does not crash into various local obstacles. Follow the initial instructions for using the keys and hit the road, collecting coins and equipping grandmother in new outfits.

Angry Gran Run Brazil

An evil grandmother had long been planning to run to Brazil for their famous carnival, and now in Angry Gran Run Brazil there was such an opportunity. Having been in Mexico and having accumulated impressions just right to run through the streets of Brazilian Rio. The old woman refuel with pills at the pharmacy and started running. If you have forgotten how to control, the heroine will remind you so that there are no misunderstandings. At full speed without the slightest decrease in speed, force your grandmother to jump over the obstacles that appear, slip under them if the height of the obstacle is too great. Do not forget to collect coins, as they will help to get various improvements.

Angry Gran Run Mexico

They did not have time to look back, and a nimble granny was already running out of a pharmacy in Mexico City. You have to look into the game Angry Gran Run Mexico and help her rush through the streets of the metropolis with a breeze. Almost ten million people live in the Mexican capital, so it is not surprising that grandmother will periodically come across the streets of the grandmother. Help the heroine jump over singing machos in huge sombreros, skulls and other colorful characters crossing the road. Practice managing for a short time, this is not the first time you have escorted an elderly traveler in her runs around world capitals.

Angry Gran Run Russi

Our tireless crazy grandmother went on a trip to Russia to see her sights there. Not knowing the laws are strange, she got into a rather unpleasant situation and now she needs to hide from the police. We will help her with this in Angry Gran Run Russi. Our character will run through the snowy streets of one of the towns and get away from the chase. On her way there will be obstacles, moving cars and other dangerous places. She needs to slip them all at speed. Something she can jump, something to bypass. The main thing is not to let her crash into an obstacle, otherwise she will lose speed and she will be seized