Tag: Racing for Boys

Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator

Today you have to work in a large transport company Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator which is engaged in the delivery of goods around the world. Having sat behind the wheel of your car, you will wait until various boxes and barrels are loaded into the body. It was raining heavily while this was happening. The road was very blurry. You will need to drive along it on a certain route. Try to drive the car at a certain speed and get to the right point in the allotted time. Remember that in many places you will need to slow down to prevent your hero from turning over.

Xtreme Monster Truck

Several companies that produce various models of trucks and jeeps decided to hold a race. During these competitions, they want to determine which machine can best pass all the tests. You in the game Xtreme Monster Truck will be one of the riders who will take part in them. Having visited the game garage you will have to choose a car. Then on it you have to rush along a special road on which there are quite a lot of dangerous sections. You will have to go through them all at speed and prevent accidents. Also overtake all your rivals and come to the finish line first.

Paper Monster Truck Race

In an amazing world where all objects are made of paper, there lives a painted guy named Jack. Our hero is very interested in racing and constantly takes part in various competitions. Today at Paper Monster Truck Race, you will help him win some of the competitions. You will see your truck in front of you. At the signal, pressing the gas pedal to the floor you will rush behind the wheel of the car forward along the road. On the way you will come across various dangerous sections of the road. You can use jumps to jump over them. The main thing is not to let the car overturn, because then you will lose the race.

City Driving Simulator

A luxury racing simulator is waiting for you in the game City Driving Simulator. You can ride on a high-speed car, an ordinary passenger car, an SUV, a truck, or even a tank. And if you do not like any of the vehicles, take a walk on your two along the city streets. You can ride on the speed track or on a regular street road. You have a lot of different options and each player can choose a mode that is comfortable for him. Watch the dashboard and replenish the tank with fuel, calling at the nearest gas station. The same panel will become a way to control all types of machines.

Truck & Diesel

Most of you know that a car will never budge until you fill it with gas or fill it with gas. Our truck prefers diesel fuel and, if there is enough of it in the tank, the car is ready to go anywhere and for as long as you want. In the game Truck & Diesel, you have to drive long distances, and in order to avoid shortages of fuel, refueling devices will periodically come across the truck. It is enough to drive up to it and replenish the supply in the tank. At the same time, you must deftly go around the brick obstacles, changing directions by deftly pressing the car.

Flying Truck Racer

Young guy Jack decided to take part in unusual races. Cars capable of performing high jumps with the help of a special jet engine take part in it. You in the game Flying Truck Racer will help our character win the competition. Choosing a car your hero will sit behind her wheel. Pressing on the gas pedal, he will rush forward. On his way there will be dips in the earth, as well as cars moving towards him. By clicking on the screen you will turn on the jet engine and the machine will make a high jump. This way you will avoid all accidents.