Tag: Racing for Boys

Kart Wars

Take an affordable racing card into circulation, choose a game mode: race or battle, and immerse yourself in the colorful virtual world of Mario. In races you will simply compete, trying to overtake rivals. War is something else. You must get to enemy territory and capture the flag of the enemy. So that you do not get lost, the pointing arrow will constantly guide you. Forest, oasis, ghost town, desert, air race – these are the locations that you will pass in the game Kart Wars. As you gain experience and won battles or races, you will be able to gain access to new cards, more powerful and powerful.

Truck Derby

It would be strange if racing competitions did not take place in a city populated by cars. Cars are prone to racing, wanting to demonstrate their best technical qualities. Survival races, Derby, are especially popular in Tracktown. Typically, such competitions continue until the engines smoke in cars. Jack is going to go on the track and you can drive it with the hero, being behind and directing the truck in the right direction. There are three lane ahead, keep an eye on what appears in front. Usually these are dirty puddles that are better to go around because they pollute the windshield and speed decreases. Gather the remaining objects and icons by controlling the left / right arrows.

Stunt Crazy Trick or Treat Pack

Soon, Halloween and every event will install the attributes of this holiday. Racing is no exception and you have the chance to ride on cool cars with expensive tuning. Your task will be the destruction of everything that you meet on the way, as well as the collection of chocolates, without which this holiday can not do. Quickly start the game, choose the level and car, and also do not forget to adjust the suspension to get the maximum result.

Impossible Truck Driving

In the game Impossible Truck Driving you will work as a driver who tests various models of cars. Today you have to test various truck models. For this, a special complex route was built, which is located over the precipice. You sit behind the wheel of a truck and take the car to the starting line. At the signal, you pressed the gas pedal and gradually gaining speed, you will go forward. You will need to deftly control the machine to overcome many turns of various difficulty levels. You will also have to go around many obstacles and traps located on the road.

Cargo Truck Simulator

In the game Cargo Truck Simulator, you will find a job in a large company that is engaged in the transportation of a wide variety of goods across the country. You will need to get behind the wheel of a truck to drive to a warehouse where various cargo will be loaded into your body. After that you will leave on the road, and gradually gaining speed you will move along the road. During your trip you will need to go around various dangerous sections of the road, as well as overtake cars traveling on it. Having reached the end point of your journey, you unload your car.

Taiga Car Driver

In the game Taiga Car Driver, you will go to a country like Russia and work there as a driver on a truck that transports goods to hard-to-reach places located in the taiga. You will need to choose your truck model. Boxes will be loaded into his body. Now you have to drive on this car along a specific route along a road that runs through terrain with a rather difficult terrain. You will need to deftly drive a car to go around all these dangerous sections of the road. The main thing is not to lose the load. If at least one box falls out of the truck, then you lose the round.