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In the galaxy, the small but quite prosperous planet Arkalon flourished. Everything was fine with them, but the threat appeared unexpectedly from outer space and became fatal. A huge asteroid fell onto the planet and crushed it into several parts. Only a few survived, and each piece became a separate principality with its inhabitants. You have to restore and rebuild the largest island. Use the remaining supply of resources to build buildings that will begin to be profitable. Your army consists of a mage, archer and knight. It’s time to think about uniting the small principalities into a single kingdom, but you will have to fight for it in Arcalona. Return the planet of Arkalon to its former strength and greatness.

Build and Defense 4

Your task is not to let the enemy go to the settlement, expose the defenders and develop effective extraction of resources. The enemy will not leave hope to conquer you, the only missed enemy warrior is your defeat. Increase gold mining, silver produce new production tools to quickly replenish the army with fresh fighters. Install an impenetrable wall of knights, archers, berserkers.

Battle Gear Portal War 4

With the advent of portals, wars have become more violent and impetuous. The enemy appears unexpectedly and in any quantity, so it was decided to build solid defense fortifications near the portals that could hold the defense for a long time and prevent the enemy from moving deeper into the territories. But any wall or fortress will not withstand constant shelling for a long time, you need to set soldiers to repel attacks.

Monster War Zone 4

You are not civilians, but bloodthirsty monsters and without war you do not think of existence. In battles you get trophies and with their help replenish the army with fresh forces, build huts and strengthen the defense. Command your monsters and throw them into battle, smashing the enemy to shreds, do not let the enemy gain superiority, strengthen ranks and add new strong warriors.

Monster War Zone 3

Monsters are invaders by nature, they don’t know peaceful coexistence, therefore, battles between neighbors are inevitable. You have to fight on the side of one of the tribes against a strong and dangerous opponent, claiming rich lands and valuable resources. Collect warriors, they will have to buy gold coins that are earned during victories over the enemy. Upgrade your weapons and gain access to more serious fighters.


Xenoserf is a tyrant king from an ancient state who daily requires taxes from his people. People were already so tired of being dependent on tyrant that they decided to overthrow their ruler from the throne. In order for the operation to overthrow to succeed, it is necessary to carefully prepare for this operation and form a strong rebel army. You can also unite with your neighbors and ask the tyrant a big bashing. If you act according to the plan without involving outside forces, your own army will consist of pigs and slugs. Hurry to form a new Xenoserf state with a good ruler.