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Monkey Go Happy Stage 144

Having gotten out of your next mess with your help, the monkey finally got to the Christmas village where Santa Claus lives and immediately met one of them on the street. Confused grandpa lost all the New Year’s sweets and asks you to find them. He needs a fixed amount – twenty pieces. Look for them everywhere, even in snowdrifts do not forget to rummage. Look into the stone houses, atm you will meet Klaus, who also lost something. Collect not only candies, but also all objects that are not lying correctly, they will be needed to solve lock puzzles in Monkey Go Happy Stage 144.

Monkey Go Happy Stage 143

Everyone is actively preparing for Christmas, only the little monkey again got into trouble. She went to the forest for a Christmas tree, but along the way she met an old granny who wanted to pick up brushwood. The monkey wanted to help her grandmother, but then a strange house with locked doors attracted her attention. Monkey urgently needs your help in the game Monkey Go Happy Stage 143. She again had a bunch of problems and questions, as well as those who need help. Inspect the area with your sharp gaze, from which nothing will be hidden and identify priority tasks, and then solve them in the way you usually do.


The pirate ship is about to set sail and the team hurries onto the ship in order to have time to load before it leaves. The captain climbed onto the bridge and vigilantly watches that not a single stranger gets into his frigate. He asks you to help him, on the eve of the pirate received information that spies from the royal guard will try to get into the ship. The king has long wanted to end piracy and conceived a cunning operation, the purpose of which is to undermine the pirate fraternity from the middle. Keep track of all passengers in OddOneOut and let only pirates pass. To prevent strangers from passing, click on the appropriate buttons on the left and right in the lower corners of the screen.

Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defence

Phineas and Ferb live a carefree life in their cozy little house. But the trouble was attacked by hordes of various monsters that penetrate the houses and rob them. Our friends were not at a loss and in their workshop built an amazing weapon that could destroy hundreds of enemies. After that, they installed these guns on the roof of the house and began to wait for the appearance of enemies. You and I will help Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defense help them keep their defenses at home. Before you on the screen the back yard of their house will be visible. Enemies will run through it. You need to wait until the weapon takes its charge and shoot at the enemy. So you will destroy them.

Talking Tom Piano Time

Cat Tom and his girlfriend cat Angela decided to open his own music club. But the trouble is, they with Angela can not choose which style to choose for their institution. We will play in the game Talking Tom Piano Time for a designer who will help them in this matter. Before us on the screen two panels will be visible. With the help of one of them you can change the decor elements of the room and decorate it with various elements. The second panel is responsible for clothes and accessories that you can put on our character. So sit back and start creating something unique and fashionable.

Armored Humvee Jigsaw

Each army has a special military equipment. In addition to tanks, there are many cars that should simplify the lives of soldiers. Today in the game Armored Humvee Jigsaw, we will meet with you such a brand of military vehicles as Hammer. But in order to see the image of this machine, we will have to assemble an interesting puzzle with you. On the screen you will see a gray almost colorless image of the car. On the right will be the elements of this puzzle. You will need to take them one by one and drag them onto the playing field. So you gradually and restore a holistic image of a military vehicle.