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Descendants 2: Coloring Book

For all art lovers, we want to introduce the new Descendants 2: Coloring Book. In it, we can work with you on the images of famous heroes from the series Heirs. We will see a book with black and white pictures in which these heroes will be visible. We will click on one of them to make a choice in this way. Now, seeing it in front of us, we just need to take pencils of a certain color or by dipping a brush in paint, apply color to our chosen area. When we finish, we will have a color image of our hero. We can save it or print it out as a keepsake.

Make & Race In The Great Paper Chase

Bugs Bunny, Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry want to race, but no one has a car. You can help the cartoon characters in Make & Race In The Great Paper Chase. To do this, you are provided with colored pencils, paints, colorful shreds and unusual decorations in the form of pasta of various shapes. Choose a sketch and it may be optionally a car, you can decorate a basket with a balloon, an alien spaceship, a truck and a luxury convertible. Use imagination and available materials to create a cute vehicle. Then cut with magic scissors. Oh yes, do not forget to choose a rider and go to the track to win. The game can be played together.

Kody Kapow Coloring Book

Today we want to introduce the game Kody Kapow Coloring Book. In it, our smallest players will be able to practice drawing. You will see a coloring book in which we will see pictures with scenes from the life of Cody Capow and his friends. They are all colorless, that is, made in black and white. Using paints, pencils and brushes you need to make them bright and colorful. Select a picture and start coloring it. It is easy to do. Having dipped a brush in a paint click on the element chosen by you. It will get your chosen color. So, step by step, you will make the image color.

Finding Dory Coloring book

Fish Dory carefully helped her friend in search of her son Nemo, but now she needed help herself, because the blue beauty suddenly remembered that she should have relatives. The heroine, without hesitation, went in search, not afraid of difficulties and dangers. Sailing through a strange, deserted place, Dory did not notice how she lost her wonderful bright color and was very upset. Help to return her paints by acting with the mouse.

Mr Bean Coloring

The amusing Mr. Bean wanted to have three of his portraits and ordered a street artist, but having learned their cost, he decided to pick up the drawings before they had time to color them. However, the hero’s black-and-white pictures do not suit him and he asks you to decorate them just like that, as a gift for him. Try for your favorite character, making portraits colorful, there is paint next to the leaves.

Back To School: Cake Coloring Book

Together with the little visitors to our site in the game Back To School: Cake Coloring Book, we will go to a drawing lesson. Today, each of the players will be able to come up with an appearance for various pies. They will be presented in front of you on the screen in the form of black and white images on the pages of a coloring book. You can click one of the images with a mouse click. After that, it will open in front of you. On the left and on the right there will be special panels. They will contain paints and brushes. You dipping a brush in the paint will have to apply this color to your chosen area in the picture. So gradually you will color the cakes in various colors.