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Boxing Punching Fun

You will have fun in the boxing ring in the game Boxing Punching Fun. And this is not a reservation, just fun, because it will not be a battle in order to fill the opponent’s face and knock out. You do not even touch the body of the enemy, and the key to victory will not be strength, but mind, dexterity and quick reaction. Players will stand opposite each other in the ring, and various objects will appear between them. If this is a log, you need to hit the opponent faster and earn points. But if there is a cute creature on the chair: a rabbit, a mouse, a bear, and so on, in no case do not hit it, otherwise the game will end immediately, you cannot offend the animals !.

Russian Drunken Boxers

If you see on the screen the domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, nesting dolls and bears walking in the streets, then it’s about Russia. These outdated but vivid stereotypes are still used because they are recognizable. We invite you to have fun by becoming one of the boxers in the underpants of the colors of the Russian flag. An unusual battle is expected in the game Russian Drunken Boxers, which you are unlikely to see in reality, but here you yourself will take part in it, controlling your athlete. The guys took to the chest before the fight and now they are not too confident on their feet. But the show can’t be canceled, help your character grind an opponent.

Boxing Rampage

The ring is prepared, there are not enough fighters and, in particular, your challenger. Come into Boxing Rampage and prepare your boxer. There are many options for changing the appearance. Choose the appropriate one and take the athlete to the ring. To achieve the desired result, athletes usually train for a long time and assertively. In our case, it is enough for you to pass the training level in order to know which keys to operate with and not to mix anything up. Dexterity and dexterity in management will cope with any opponent. Titles and regalia are not important here, you can defeat any champion and take your belt.

Boxing Physics 2

One of the first sports that originated in the world was boxing. Since ancient times, young guys converged in fist fights to prove their strength, dexterity and attentiveness. Today, in Boxing Physics 2, you and I can fight our fists against the most unusual opponents. These will be not only ordinary people, but also various monsters and even representatives of other races. Choosing your character and opponent you will find yourself in the ring and the battle will begin. Dodge evasive punches you will have to beat in response. For each hit in the contest or head you will be given points. But it’s best to knock out an opponent. Then you will immediately be awarded the victory.

Genius Boxing

The most famous and smartest people on the planet who live now and have gone down in history will come out against you in a boxing ring: Copernicus, Archimedes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, Einstein, Galileo, Bill Gates, Newton. The pundits put on gloves and are ready to beat you if you fail to quickly and correctly solve the examples that appear below on the horizontal panel. You must make the equation true by placing the appropriate sign between the numbers: equality, more or less. But first, choose a worthy opponent, and then start the fight. He speed and the correct decision depends on your victory in Genius Boxing.

Beat Boxer

In the boxing ring Beat Boxer is already the most famous athlete of his time. He is determined to win the battle and invites his competitor to appear before him rather. In order to have a great fight, you first need to stretch your muscles and just train before the fight. Spend a series of powerful blows right now on the physiognomy of the imaginary enemy. Press the arrows left, right, up, down to manipulate the fists, tightened in large gloves. For accurate hits, your character is guaranteed bonus points. After training, you should not rest, attract the challenge button of the opponent and engage in a duel from the start.