Tag: Online Games

Zombie Farsh

We invite you to participate in a real meat grinder in the game Zombie Farsh. First you get a car at your disposal, it will become your weapon against the undead. Go to the chosen location and start making minced meat from zombies. Destroying the undead is a profitable business, so you will have competitors. You have to be faster and faster than your rivals, and they will also try to prevent you. Green zombies are the most expensive, if you see these, quickly push and get coins. Trophy gold will be needed to purchase a new car with a powerful engine and an impenetrable body.

Breach of Contract Online

In the virtual space here and there, periodically, military operations or just minor showdowns take place. Fans of shooting will always find a dangerous place where you can take a chance and get your portion of adrenaline. Breach of Contract Online provides a variety of options. You can choose the single-player mode and fight the crowds of mutated zombies. If you want to become a member of the team, go online and start hunting for monsters in the group. The game has its own shooting range, where you demonstrate your skills in target shooting and write your name on the leaderboard.

The Zombie Food Truck

A small van appeared in the quarter and smelled of freshly prepared hamburgers. The people reached for the open window and did not immediately notice that it was being served by a real zombie. But the burgers were so tasty that everyone decided not to notice the strange seller, although the residents periodically began to disappear. We invite you to the game The Zombie Food Truck, where you will help the zombies – the owner of the food truck to safely develop and expand their business. Cheat customers, if you see that the energy scale is empty, invite the selected customer to the pantry and quietly eat it, carefully removing the consequences. Earn coins and buy additional equipment.

Train VS Car: Battle Speed

In the game Train VS Car: Battle Speed, we will be with you in the distant future of our planet. People take refuge behind walls and live in cities because zombies roam the planet. Communication between cities takes place either by rail, or by using ordinary expressways. Imagine that you were late for the train, but you need to deliver an urgent package to the mayor of another city in the state. Therefore, jumping into a car, you try to overtake a train on it in order to board it at an intermediate station. You will drive along the road cleverly going around various kinds of obstacles on the road. Also, zombies will attack you and try to kill you. You need to either shoot them down or go around the same way.

Pirates Slay

Pirates are dangerous guys and it is better not to meet them on a narrow path, but in the Pirates Slay game you will meet something more terrible – these are zombie pirates. Our hero went in search of pirate treasures and found them, but did not take into account the greed of the sea robbers. Even after death, they do not want to part with the loot and are anxiously guarding the chests of gold in the form of stinky semi rotting dead. The brave man is armed with a sharp sword, but it may not be enough, because zombies like to attack in droves, like pirates. The bandits have not written the law, they do not know what honor and conscience are, and they can come from the rear. Use bombs and lightnings to stack packs of monsters. Do not forget to collect coins, in vain or something they risked their lives.

Shooter Welcome to Zombieland

You are in a city that is not just populated, but is teeming with the dead, who are just waiting to bite off a piece of you and make money! But our hero loves to have fun and that’s why he comes here on a skateboard to increase his chances of survival, as well as manage to collect various supplies and treatment between these crowds! Try not to let the dead bite him, it’s not enough for a long time, and weapons and salvation are ahead, he’s just waiting for him to arrive!