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Super Sidekick adventures

Going on a journey along an unknown road, it would be nice to take a reliable assistant with you. The hero of the game Super Sidekick adventures did so, he moved on the road, accompanied by a faithful friend – the dog. At the same time, no one refuses your help, without a player the whole trip does not make sense. The pet plays a major role in this story; without it, Sidekik is completely helpless. He briskly begins to move, moving fast, almost running, but before the very first obstacle he stops and cannot jump over it. This is where the work for the four-legged character begins. He easily raises the owner above his head and helps him jump over any obstacle.

StickyMan Run

The jelly creature became cramped in his own world, the hero decided to look for other places to live and realize his potential. Instead of releasing a resident on all four sides, he was lured into a trap and imprisoned in a dungeon full of all kinds of terrible things to torture. Steel round balls with spikes hang from the ceiling, and the floor is studded with sharp peaks. The unfortunate prisoner did not despair, he is going to get out and use his skills to ignore the laws of gravity to escape. He knows how to stick to ceilings and thereby avoid deadly traps. But at high speed it’s not easy to react to obstacles, but you will help him with this in StickyMan Run.

Dev Runner

In a small town an apocalypse set in: dangerous monsters descended to the surface of the Earth with the goal of enslaving the territory. A boy named Dev from the game Dev Runner, two months ago knew about the plans of vile animals and prepared a draft retreat. The guy decided to run to another state in order to prepare for the battle with the monsters. Weeks of training on the run give good results, especially if there is a navigator nearby who will anticipate the next obstacle on the way. Look only ahead and deftly move Deva through deep cliffs. Collecting items along the road will not be amiss, they help you run faster from the monster that is stuck in the back.

Dark Runner Shadow Parkour

The dark runner wants to take part in the parkour competition in the game Dark Runner Shadow Parkour, which will be held in the neighboring city and is preparing in every possible way for them. All that is needed for the competition is to learn to run well and jump high. You can train a dark hero right now. Become his trainer and send him on a sports road. Correct the character while moving, because in front of him there are many different obstacles that he needs to jump in one fell swoop. Scattered gold ducats will be a pleasant bonus, they can be collected to better replenish the bonus system.

Resume Run

Finding a good job is not easy, and in this sense, the virtual world is not much different from the real one. In the game Resume Run, you will help the hero in search of a better place. To do this, he must deliver a piece of paper with his resume to the secretary of the necessary boss. Jump on the floors, collecting steaming coffee cups, so that you have the strength to overcome distances. The character to be reached is marked with a black arrow. After giving him a resume, return to the car for the next piece of paper. It’s better to send them to several places to increase the chances of getting a job. Beware of competitors, especially those with more points than yours.

The Bagel and Becky show Bizarro Hills

Kitty Becky and Bagel the dog do everything together, they are inseparable friends. In The Bagel and Becky show Bizarro Hills, you can join buddies who have gone to the hills of Bizarro. This area is famous for its paranormal phenomena, two dimensions converge here and the characters simultaneously move in a mirror image. Heroes are waiting for an amazing adventure and you should not miss it, for one and help your pets run through the hills without loss. Your task is to click on the heroes so that they jump over obstacles and it is necessary to monitor both at the same time. Running through the portals, the runners will switch places.