Tag: Need for speed

Palette Paladin

The aristocratic castle was attacked. Nobody expected this, the building is in the distance, its owner lived quietly, did not touch anyone, did not conflict with anyone. He long ago departed from military affairs and was engaged in creative work-drawing. There are no weapons in the castle, but it is full of colors of different colors. The only warrior who remained with the owner is palladium. He will reflect the attacks of unknown creatures in the Palette Paladin. Look at the approaching creature and throw paint at it that matches it. It makes him run or die.

Turret Shooter

A team of mercenaries travels the universe, carrying out various assignments for which customers pay well. Often, heroes have to get into difficult situations, so they always have a powerful cannon with two barrels ready. She repeatedly rescued fighters in the most difficult situations. In Turret Shooter, that’s exactly it. You will control the shooting turrets, reflecting the attacks of local residents. When the mercenaries arrived on the planet, it seemed deserted. Around the sands, there is no sign of life. But soon, because of the sand pyramids, colorful round creatures appeared. They are very aggressive, shoot without missing a single one.

Body Invasion

When a virus enters the human body, various changes occur and are not always beneficial for the body. A miniature creature disrupts the work of an organ, and this leads to complete balancing and, as a result, poor health, and even death. To prevent this, in the game Body Invasion you will go to the middle of the body, turning into a formidable weapon against viruses. It will look quite familiar to you – in the form of a gun. And malicious viruses will become real monsters and begin to attack. Shoot everyone who appears on the horizon. Thus, you will overcome the disease from the inside.


In space, an incomprehensible revival began, many meteorites appeared, they rush like mad, sparkling with multi-colored tails. This threatens with bad consequences for our planet and humanity decided to act in advance. A ship was launched into orbit, which delivered a special gun there, firing with multi-colored paints. This is the only way to deal with frantic meteorites. Shoot them with a color that matches the colors of the tail, mix colors to achieve the desired result. You need to act quickly, react instantly in Inky.

Stack Cannon

In antiquity, in every army, guns were in service, of which specially trained people fired and destroyed various targets. Today in the game Stack Cannon, we suggest that you try to shoot yourself from such an instrument and destroy certain targets. You will see a wall in front of you, which consists of block segments. Before you will be a cannon charged with a core. By clicking on the screen with the mouse you will make it fire a shot. A core flying a certain distance will hit the target and destroy some segment. Remember that in this way you will have to completely destroy the target.

Kingdom Bounce

Peaceful days for the kingdom ended and the reason for this was the insidious attack of evil monsters that suddenly appeared at the fortress walls. The king has assigned the duties of commander in chief for you, you must ensure reliable defense. To begin with, you will have three types of soldiers at your disposal, but you are not going to let everyone out on the battlefield, you have a different tactic. With the help of a special catapult, you will shoot the fighter towards the monsters and shoot them down. Gradually, the variety of warriors will increase and you will have the opportunity to choose who to shoot in order to win the Kingdom Bounce game.