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Super Girls Sauna Realife

Sauna is not just a place where people go to wash and carry out cleansing procedures. Sitting on wooden benches and breathing in the aroma of oils mixed with hot steam, you can chat and relax. For super heroines, this is ideal. Their lifestyle can hardly be called ordinary, it is very dynamic and is often dangerous. Relaxing in the sauna is a great way to get distracted and gain strength. Lady Bug and her two friends and colleagues in superhero decided to devote today to themselves, and you will help beautiful women relax in Super Girls Sauna Realife.

Dotted Girl Mission Accident ER

Not all missions of super heroes end in a hurry, sometimes even such strong warriors have to temporarily retreat and get wounds. Lady Bug has long fought with Brazhnik. The villain leaves no hope of taking Paris, and with it the whole world, subjugating people to its influence. The last battle was unsuccessful for the girl, she got great, so much so that the poor thing was in the hospital. You have to cure the heroine so that her incognito does not open. Only you know who is in front of you. Measure the patient’s pressure, temperature, treat and suture a large wound on his leg, give an injection and give pills in the Dotted Girl Mission Accident ER.

LadyBug Super Recovery

Lady Bug once again met in a duel with the villain Brazhnik and she got great from the enemy. She patted him too, but the battle was not over. The girl needs to regain strength and heal in order to attack the enemy again. In the meantime, send her to the hospital, the patient will need serious treatment. Dress the heroine and begin the examination. You need to make sure that there are no internal fractures, and if so, fix it. Heal the wounds, remove foreign objects from the body. The girl will patiently transfer all the procedures to LadyBug, she is a super hero.

Good vs Bad Girl

Those who are called to protect the weak and innocent are written to live a double life. It is difficult and sometimes very inconvenient, but relatives and friends are safe if the villains cannot connect them with a super hero. Lady Bug is a normal teenager schoolgirl in everyday life. Only with the onset of dusk she wears a red speckled tights and sets off to defend her native Paris from all sorts of bad guys. After the next sortie, the girl’s costume became unusable and you need to pick her a new one in Good vs Bad Girl. And at the same time update the girl’s wardrobe, where normal dresses hang.

Mommy BFFs Pregnant Check Up

Lady Bug and Barbie agreed to come together to see a doctor. Ladies are both expecting babies and regularly attend antenatal clinics. Together they are more fun, they share an impression of their well-being. You will receive both patients at once, so as not to make pregnant women wait. Check in Mommy BFFs Pregnant Check Up will be held according to the plan: preparation, measurement of temperature and pressure, a session on the ultrasound machine. Mommies will receive pictures of their future children in their arms, it is already clearly visible who will be: a boy or a girl. The heroines are completely healthy, like their babies, and soon beautiful babies will be born, as beautiful as their mothers.

Halloween`s Cheating Ladybug

Lady Bug really liked one guy and she intends to lure him to her side in Halloween`s Cheating Ladybug. For the sake of this, the girl threw a Halloween party in her house. You will help her arrange the room in an appropriate style. Hang flags, lanterns, arrange candles and Jack’s lanterns in the form of pumpkins. A guy with his girlfriend will come to visit, he will become the goal of our heroine. Help Bug seduce him, she will succeed if the scale at the top of the screen fills. When his girlfriend turns away, act, but if you see an exclamation point, stop. It is impossible for a guest to catch a flirting couple on a hot one.