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Dotted Girl Brain Doctor

Lady Bug has been suffering from persistent headaches lately and therefore decided to go to the doctor. You in the game Dotted Girl Brain Doctor will be her doctor. First you will need to conduct an initial inspection of our heroine. For this you will use certain medical instruments. Once you are diagnosed, you will begin treatment. You will need to cut and shave the head of our heroine. Then you will need to open her skull to get rid of various microbes and harmful objects. As soon as you can tell you will brainwash her, you will have to follow her instructions to sew her skull.

Fashion Selfie Addiction

Lady Bug also succumbed to the modern fashion of taking selfies in a variety of places and uploading her photos to social networks. We will help her take morning photos in Fashion Selfie Addiction. Since she fought crime at night, the phone turned out to be terribly dirty. The first thing you will need to clean it up. For this you will need to use certain items. Dry the phone and wipe it with a towel. Then, using a special control panel, pick her a cool beautiful outfit and take photos.

Ladybug & Cat Noir Maker

For those who like to watch cartoons about the adventures of Lady Bug and her friend Super Cat, we present the game Ladybug & Cat Noir Maker. In it, each of you will be able to create new images for these characters. Choosing a hero you will see his silhouette in front of you. A special control panel with various icons will be located on the right. By clicking on each of them you will bring up a special menu. With their help, you can completely change the appearance of the character, put on him some clothes and shoes. You can save the resulting image and show it to your friends.

Dotted Girl: Toddler Vaccines

More recently, Lady Bug became a young mother and is now engaged in the education of her baby. Today in the game Dotted Girl: Toddler Vaccines, she will need to go to the doctor’s clinic to receive a vaccination for her baby. You will be the doctor who will have to vaccinate. First of all, you will need to conduct an examination of the child and determine its general condition. Then, following special instructions, you will need to use medical instruments and medicines. Typing it in a syringe you will need to give the baby an injection and thus he will receive a vaccine.

Dotted Girl Ruined Wedding

Today, Lady Bug is supposed to go to a restaurant and marry her young man. But the trouble the restaurant hall was completely destroyed by unknown hooligans. Now you in the game Dotted Girl Ruined Wedding will need to help restore everything and make sure that all the same the wedding was held in a festive setting. You will need to carefully examine everything around. Remove all kinds of garbage in the room. After that, lift and re-arrange all the furniture. Now using garlands and other kinds of decorations, turn the hall into a solemn and festive place.

Dotted Girl Valentine Dinner

Super Cat decided to invite Lady Bug to a gala dinner on Valentine’s Day. There he wants to confess to her his feelings. You in the game Dotted Girl Valentine Dinner will need to help him arrange everything in the highest rank. You will see the hall of the restaurant where they will have dinner. You will need to develop the design of this room using a special control panel. By clicking on the icons you can completely change the interior, put a beautiful table and chairs. Then you will decorate the hall with flowers and garlands. When you finish our heroes will be able to have dinner together.