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Superhero Taxi

Hulk, Superman, Black Widow, Spider-Man – everyone today wants to take a taxi to Superhero Taxi. Sometimes it’s better to go by public transport so as not to attract attention, and our super heroes have just such a situation. Their headquarters is captured by another villain who dreams of destroying the Earth. Avengers must gather in neutral territory, in a secret place where they can not be eavesdropped, and even more so taken by surprise. You will pick up the first passenger, and pick up the rest along the way. Your task is to bring them quickly, meeting the deadlines and not get into an accident. The game has five different levels.

Marvel Avengers Hydra Dash

Avengers do not have to be inactive for a long time, then one villain will appear, then another. This time, super heroes will have to fight with an entire organization called Hydra. It was founded by the Nazis, so nothing good can be expected from it. Captain America had to face her in the past and he thought he had destroyed the evil, but Hydra managed to survive and be reborn again. The first one to go behind enemy lines for reconnaissance will be the Captain, and you will help him in the game Avengers Hydra Dash, deftly control the hero, he will race faster than the wind, sweeping away enemies on the way. Collect memory cards and do not risk in vain, the main thing is information. This time, the Hydra should be destroyed for sure.

Superheroes vs Footballers

Today in the Superheroes vs Footballers game you will take part in a tournament for fighting without rules between superheroes and American football players. At the beginning of the game, we will be able to choose a character for the game. After that, we will enter the arena where the duel will take place. At the signal of the judge, the battle will begin. Our task is to get close to the enemy and conduct a series of attacking techniques. Try to hit the corps and earn points. But it’s best to knock the opponent out. He will also attack you. You must block the hits or deftly dodge them. The one who gets the most points will win in the match.

ZigZag Heroes

Heroes differ from ordinary people in that they perform extraordinary acts. There is no shortage of heroes in the game world and they are well known to you: Superman, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Batman. You can meet immediately with everyone in one game ZigZag Heroes. All super characters are going to conquer a zigzag track soaring in the air. It is particularly difficult because it consists entirely of turns. Batman is the first to start, you get this hero for free, and you have to earn the rest. If you deftly fit into turns and collect coins, you will soon be able to replace the runner with another famous hero.

Ironman Mystery

Tony Stark is a hero for the whole country and all journalists dream of digging something out on him. As soon as you got a job in one of the newspapers, you were immediately assigned the task to go to the house of Iron Man and dig up something on him. For good luck, you quickly managed to get into the basement, where all the costumes are located. Look around a bit and go in search of something interesting. And given that this is a workshop of one of the most intelligent people in the world, it is worth being careful and alert.

Iron man Doctor

Even super heroes have a hard time, they can get serious wounds, injuries, because daredevils have to fight with opponents who are almost equal in strength and sometimes even superior. You have in the game Iron man Doctor to help the notorious Tony Stark – Iron Man. He is an ordinary person, but, thanks to his outstanding intelligence and ingenuity, he was able to create a metal suit that endowed him with super capabilities and abilities. But metal can be damaged by strong mechanical stress, as happened with our heroic character. He had to fight with his own creation – Ultron, who was supposed to become the defender of humanity, and became his threat, because he calculated with his rational electronic mind that it is people who are able to destroy their planet. His logic is understandable, but unacceptable, so the newly-made villain must be neutralized. The battle is not over yet, Iron Man had to retreat for a while to heal the damage while the rest of the Avengers team are on the defensive. Help the hero in the game Iron man Doctor, using special tools located on the right vertical panel. To get started, simply remove dirt and soot with a normal rag to assess the degree of damage to the robotic suit. Overhaul is not required, it is enough to replace several parts of the outer skin, brew cracks and the hero will again be ready to continue the battle with another evil threatening humanity. Iron Man Doctor game will please fans of Iron Man, they will be glad to have another meeting with the hero and the opportunity to help him in his noble mission of saving the Earth. Do not miss the game, you can easily open it on your mobile media and share with your friends the impressions of magnificent realistic graphics. Enjoy the game and chat with your favorite character.